Saturday 9 May 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 19

This has been a mixed bag sort of week. A mix of highs and lows, I must say I'm really glad for the weekend.

So lets start with the positive. Gracie is really excelling in her phonics, a wonderful thing to hear especially because I was worried at the start of the year at just how she'd cope with it all.

The not so great times include the hubby breaking his 2 week old phone, big sighs and the eldest and youngest gaining real attitudes and paddying constantly, they've really tested my patience this week!!

Enough of the moaning onto this weeks pictures…

Day 123

Layla was feeling especially lazy, sleeping whilst everyone else was up already.

Day 124

Garden picnic time.

Day 125

The broken phone

Day 126

Freya and I were having a little one on one time.

Day 127

Layla wasn't feeling great so it was a blanket and cuddles kind of day.

Day 128

Time for new toothbrushes.

Day 129

We went on a spare of the moment trip to bluewater today and ended up eating at Jamie's Italian, we all enjoy the food there.



  1. Love the garden picnic photo, and the one on one Costa time! It can be so hard to get one on one time with them all can't it? Gutting about the phone, hope it can be fixed! #365

  2. Lovely photo of Freya with her treat :) I would have been very annoyed about the phone too! We love Jamie's Italian too. We haven't been there for ages!

  3. We had a costa day too this week and I do love a garden picnic

  4. Nice to get some one on one time. Out for a picnic saves the mess indoors, as well as listening to them bicker. Fifi has a huge amount of attitude at the moment as well.
    Oh no at the phone, does it still work? have to say I bought a cover for mine.
    I recognise the playhouse in the poorly Layla picture, hope she is feeling better/

  5. Ahh The garden picnic looks a lot of fun!
    I hope the phone still works! Eek!
    I hope Layla is feeling better x

  6. Love the picnic, we've done that this week too :) Lovely to get some one on one time with Freya. Oh no on the phone :( I have smashed several screens... I now have a very expensive Lifeproof case :)


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