Thursday 4 June 2015

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Muffins

I think I mention on a weekly basis just how much I love cake and even though I'm trying to be healthy I really can't live without it. So what's better than cake? A healthy cake packed full of protein, that's what!!

My latest recipe combines peanut butter, chocolate and protein oh and banana because fruit definitely means that these delicious muffins are indeed good for you.

chocolate peanut butter protein muffins

The mixture of the crusty top with the soft and crumbly centre makes one cake that you can't resist, and once you add on the chocolate peanut butter frosting you may just have reached heaven, too much??

 Really the only problem you will have is that you may want more than one.

chocolate peanut butter protein muffins


Muffins * 1 cup wholewheat self raising flour
             * 1 cup chocolate peanut butter protein powder (can be just chocolate protein powder)
             * 1/4 cup cacao powder (can use cocoa powder if you don't have cacao to hand)
             * 2 mashed bananas
             * 1/4 greek yoghurt
             * 1 egg white
             * 3/4 almond milk
             * 1tsp baking powder
             * 1/4tsp salt
             * 1/4 maple syrup or honey
             * 1/2 cup natural sweetener
             * 1/4 cup melted coconut oil
             * Peanut butter for the middle of your muffins (can be substituted for any nut butter)

Frosting * 2 cup greek yoghurt
              * 4 scoops chocolate peanut butter protein powder
              * almond milk


* Preheat the oven to 180Âșc an line a muffin tray with muffin cases, this recipe makes 12 muffins.

* In one bowl mix together the maple syrup and the sweetener, gradually stirring in the yoghurt, egg white, bananas and lastly the coconut oil.

* In another bowl mix together the flour, protein powder, cacao, baking powder and salt.

* Fold the wet ingredients into the dry and then slowly pour in the milk until it forms a thick batter.

* Share the mixture equally between the 12 cases and the push around a tsp of peanut butter into the centre of each muffin.

chocolate peanut butter protein muffins

* Pop into the oven to bake for around 20 minutes, check with a skewer at this point and if it comes out clean then the muffins are done, if not continue to bake for an extra couple of minutes.

* Leave the muffins to cool on a rack and at this point you can make your protein frosting.

chocolate peanut butter protein muffins

* Combine the protein powder and yoghurt and add the milk until you get the consistency that you require.

* You can either spread this onto the muffin with a knife or use a piping bottle like I did.

chocolate peanut butter protein muffins

All that's left to do is eat them. These are the perfect post workout snack and great for anyone that needs more protein in their diet!!

chocolate peanut butter protein muffins

chocolate peanut butter protein muffins


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  1. Oh my god these look amazing and my boyfriend would absolutely love them. Ill deffinately try these :) Thanks for the post x

  2. These look amazing - I can't get over what healthy ingredients are in them! We would love these! Thanks so much for linking up with #foodpornthursdays x


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