Wednesday 17 June 2015

Giving Is Better Than Receiving

Now I won't lie, I do like receiving presents and it is a bit disappointing that as I've got older my present pile has got siginificantly smaller however I do also like giving presents. You can't beat seeing the look on someones face when they open a gift. Whether it is something that they've wanted for a long time or a complete surprise, something totally unexpected, I definitely get a sense of joy for putting a smile on someones face.

Recently I was contacted by Characterwise and asked if I'd like to receive a Me to You bear but not for myself but to give to a person of my choosing, this wasn't an opportunity to pass up. The question was who was I going to give my bear to??

me to you

I received the lovely Big Kiss soft bear.

me to you big kiss soft toy

With his signature blue nose and wonderfully soft fur, this is definitely a toy to be cuddled.

me to you big kiss soft toy

me to you big kiss soft toy

Now I had in mind who I wanted to give this special bear to, a certain persons birthday coming up but then my youngest daughter came in the room whilst I was taking photographs ready for this post. How I could I say no to this face??

I was actually going to give the Me to You bear to my husband on his birthday, a soppy notion of giving him a big kiss so I'm hoping I can pry the bear away from my daughter ready to wrap him up in a couple of weeks.

Who would gift a Me to You bear to if you had the chance??



  1. Aww! How cute! Your girl looks very happy with it x

  2. How lovely!
    I think you might have a game trying to get your little girl to part with it though, bless :) x

  3. I love me to you bears , my oldest daughter collects them and we get her a one every year for her birthday and christmas xx #triedtested

  4. Ah I remember having loads of these when I was younger - they're so cuddly aren't they!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  5. You definitely can't resist that face! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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