Wednesday 17 June 2015

This Months Degustabox Update

I have to admit I get a little excited around the end of the month because I know my next Degustabox will be arriving soon. Last month we actually got them a little early as they wanted to make sure we received them before the bank holiday weekend.

I found it to be a mixed box, there were a lot of things I loved but also a couple of things that I wasn't so keen on but then I think that is the purpose of Degustabox, getting you trying new things and of course it won't always be to your liking.

So lets start with what I didn't like.

Slim Pasta £2.49 : This pasta is made from konjac flour and oat fibre. It is designed to be low in calories and carb free so a good alternative for people on a diet. I wasn't impressed, it really smelt horrible when you opened the packet and you don't get an awful lot in their either. I think I'll stick to wholewheat pasta.

Green Coco Juice 80p : Now I am a huge fan of coconut, I use in cooking and on my skin/hair however I found this juice to be quite sickly and the kids didn't enjoy it either.

Now on to the rest of the box.

Maggi so stir fry £1.49 per pack : These noodles were easy to make and were perfect added into a stir fry or even on their own, they weren't bland like some noodles can be.

Schwartz Marinade in a Bag £2.19 : Another great meal idea from schwartz. Makes a meal with next to no fuss and certainly packs it full of flavour!!

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce £2.99 : I'm a sucker for a bbq sauce, especially on bbq pulled pork! This honey BBQ sauce is no exception, a sweet yet smokey taste and even better with onions added in!!.

Fuel Protibrick £2.69 : Like weetabix but packed with extra protein, these make a brilliant after workout breakfast!!


Sarsons Balsimic Vinegar £2.00 : You can't go wrong with a bit of vinegar, I love using this by itself to add a bit of flavour to my salads.

sarsons balsamic vinegar

9Bar £2.00 : I adore 9bars, how did Degusatbox know?? These are one of my favourite snacks, healthy yet delicious.


Saving the best til last, my favourite item in the box…..

Daelmans Dutch Stroopwafels £2.00 : Be warned these are addictive. Lovely to eat cold but even better when warmed up over a cuppa. I will admit I hid them from the kids and kept them all for myself.

Daelmans Dutch Stroopwafels

Like what you've seen. Why not try a box for yourself. Use code 8H7CV to get £3.00 off your first order.



  1. We loved this box too - I agree the SlimPasta smells horrible but luckily (?) it doesn't taste of anything at all once it's rinsed. The Stroopwaffels were our faves too ! #TriedTested

  2. I love 9bars. and I have seen those stroopwafels around but haven't tried them yet #TriedTested

  3. What a mixed box....I do like the look of the Schwartz Marinade in a Bag....I have had those Stroopwafels before...They are so addictive :)

  4. I love Degustabox! 9bars are delcious. :)

    Haven't tried the slimpasta but not sure I'm that keen to now. I'm thinking of having the noodles for lunch. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. I keep seeing these boxes and think about giving them a try. The waffles look delicious!! #triedtested

  6. The waffles look gorgeous. Looks like it was a bit of a random box this month.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  7. We loved the waffles too, they didn't last long at all! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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