Saturday 20 June 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 25

A busy and somewhat half disappointing week this week. It was the hubby' birthday on Thursday so we've had lots of visitors etc. We managed to get out with friends on Wednesday, dinner out with the kids on Thursday and now I'm part way through what was meant to be a long weekend away with the husband whilst the kids were being spoilt rotten with their nannie. However we came back earlier than originally planned as the Foo Fighters concert I was meant to be watching got cancelled booooo!!!

Day 165

This about sums up my Sunday.

Day 166

Monday is library day, reading books is hungry work.

Day 167

Layla decided 4.15am was a good time to get up. 

Day 168

Layla wanted to help in the garden so we bought her a broom that was more her size ;)

Day 169

It was the hubby's birthday so we went out for dinner. 

Day 170

Night out in London with the hubby, dinner, cinema and drinks.

Day 171

Falling to our death at the London dungeons today.



  1. Love the Sunday motto! ;-) Hope your hubby had a nice birthday, and you are very brave on that ride - I couldn't get on it!

  2. LOL I am like that most days, let alone Sundays! I'm very jealous of your child free time, enjoy!

  3. Oh no I've seen so many people gutted about Foo Fighters! Also on Sundays I wouldn't even have a bra on ;) haha x

  4. hehehe! I don't wear a Bra on Sunday's....
    It looks like a great week!
    That's a shame the concert was cancelled....Especially after he got back on stage after breaking his leg and coming straight back in plaster.

  5. Oh no, I'm gutted for you that the concert was cancelled. We also go to the library on a Monday, I guess that's a Monday kind of thing to do! I love the London dungeons photo, looks scary!x

  6. Oh I know that Sunday feeling well! So cute the little one helping in the garden.

  7. your sunday equates to my wednesday, and half the time I dont get dressed!!
    happy belated birthday to your hubby, not sure he looks like he is enjoying Saturday!!
    well its just about light ( up here anyway) at 4.15 am so may seem like morning, love the wee tongue poking out.


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