Monday 20 July 2015

Ben and Holly Little Explorer Challenge, Week One Insects

If you missed my post last week, I told you all about the shiny new badge on my sidebar. I am a Ben and Holly Ambassador, yay! I also explained about their Little Explorer Challenges. Each week a new set of activities are released over on their website and of course my girls and I are joining in.

ben and holly little explorer challenge week one insects

So whilst week two is beginning, take a look at Trees and Toadstools. I thought I'd share with you a little of what we got up to in insect week.

Week one included :

* Lots of facts about insects, did you know that a snail can sleep for 3 years straight?

* Colouring in.

ben and holly colouring in

* Making rock insects ( we still need to do this)

* Bug hunt - We chose to do this in auntie Lucy's garden. Unfortunately we didn't manage to tick all of the creepy crawlies off but we will be keeping an eye out for the rest of them throughout the holidays!!

ben and holly bug hunt


spiders web

wood louse

Did your little explorers manage to complete week one??

ben and holly little explorer certificate



  1. My son loves Ben and Holly. This looks great! #mmwbh

  2. We love Ben an d Holly, what a great way to get kids outside in nature :)


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