Monday 13 July 2015

Ben and Holly's Little Explorer Challenge

You may have noticed the shiny new badge that's made it's way into my sidebar. I am lucky enough to be one of Ben and Holly's official bloggers, I think I was actually more excited about this than the kids, it's ok for the parents to like the children's programmes right??

ben and holly blogger

Well over the next few months I'll be sharing with you reviews of their live show, giveaways and so much more but to kick things off I want to tell you a little bit about Ben and Holly's Little Explorer challenge.

Every Monday, starting today (13th July) a new theme will be unlocked over on their site and there will be lots of nature trails and acivities available for you to do with your children including things to make, dress up ideas and some brilliant top tips about outdoor treasure hunts from ICAN charity.

The themes will be as follows :

Week 1 - Insects
Week 2 - Trees & Toadstools
Week 3 - Flowers
Week 4 -Birds
Week 5 - Animals
Week 6 - Fruit & Vegetables
Week 7 - Elves & Fairies

On the site you will find your very own challenge pack available to download which gives your child their very own log book and certificates for each weeks challenges as well as how to guides to help you as a family get out and exploring.

And that's not all. Each week over on Facebook our very own Gaston will be giving away some Ben and Holly goodies, makes sure you don't miss out on your chance to win!!

ben and holly gaston
I hope Ben and Holly can inspire you to get outdoors this Summer, I'll be sharing our attempts at all of the challenges each week, lets go exploring together!!



  1. I really like Ben and Holly. The humour is spot on, though it's often over my toddler's head!

  2. My toddler loves Ben & holly it is one f the few programs she will sit through. I also love it too x

  3. I love Ben & Holly Nanny Plum is hilarious lol


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