Friday 24 July 2015

Eat, Sleep, Reflect, Repeat

A few years back that title would have definitely said eat, sleep, rave, repeat. I was no stranger to staying up all night and going straight into work the next day so actually scratch that eat, rave, repeat.

However times have changed, my lifestyle is no longer the same. With four kids raving is no longer an option, not sure I could stay awake to do it anyway but my evenings are somewhat different. Once the day is done and the kids have all been fed, washed and put to bed, I find time to silently reflect on things.


Watching my children sleep is the one time of the day I'm truly grateful for all I have. When the stresses of the day melt away, any naughtiness from the kids is forgotten and I get an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief.

Seeing their sleepy faces reminds me of just how innocent they really are, how proud I am that these girls are mine and in those moments I look forward to what's to come, whatever that may be.

I seem to do a lot of thinking these days. Whether that be about what's happened that day, my plans for the week or even dreams for the future, the cogs are always turning. There doesn't appear to be an off switch to my brain.

You forget how easy it once was to just go to bed and dream of nothing in particular, I can see it in my daughter's faces that they have not a care in the world as they snooze away. It's a wonderful sight seeing them so at ease.


Although as I said things are changing.

It has got to the stage in life that when I go to bed my eldest is still awake, perhaps reading books, sometimes just sitting quietly. It isn't often that I catch her in a state of slumber anymore. I think she may have reached a stage in her life where she has become more thoughtful herself, I've suggested she starts up writing a diary, maybe I should start jotting my thoughts into a journal?

Reflection is a part of growing up and it is inevitable that we all start to ponder things as we get older, not always a bad thing, just a way of making events, moments, opportunities appear clearer in our minds.

But for now I'd like for my kids to be able to dream peacefully for a while longer.




  1. So true. I love peeping in on the girls when they are quietly snoozing away. The chaos of the day is subsided and I almost miss them. Almost ;-) it's true that we take for granted so much and how fast they are growing before our eyes. So much to be great full for. Thanks for the post xx #pocolo

  2. I dunno, my kids get their ability to deeply sleep fair and square from me. Doesn't stop them waking up at an ungodly hour though. They are cute while they snooze though.

  3. Me too, I have 4 children and now a puppy. I love my sleep...zzzz

  4. I co sleep with my son and like you looking at him sleep bring comfort to me. In the morning before I start my day its a nice way to wake up too and say my thank you because my little angel is beside me. #pocolo

  5. it is so beautiful to watch your kids when they are sleeping. It brings you some peace, you feel finally relaxed. xx

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