Friday 24 July 2015

Driving, Not As Easy As You'd Think

I got my provisional driving licence way back when I turned 16 years old, that's nearly 14 years ago, don't go trying to work out my age now will you!! Well it took me until 2011 to actually start taking driving lesson, lets just say life got in the way.

Turns out my little brother and I decided to start learning to drive at around the same time so we were in competition with each other as to who could pass first and how many attempts it would take us. The not so little pip squeek beat me, managing to pass first time.

provisional driving licence

It took me three attempts until I finally passed. I couldn't believe my luck, I got the same horrid assessor each time I sat down in that car for my test, I mean what are the chances of getting the same guy three times in a row!! He was one of those people that seemed to love failing people.

Trouble is by the time I passed, honestly I wasn't fussed about driving anymore. I think all the times I didn't pass and what he failed me for made me a nervous driver.

I'm pretty sure I can count on both my hands the amount of times I've actually driven our car and one of those times saw me ripping on the front of our bumper on our car port gate, can we just say oopsie and forget that ever happened?

What's annoying about this is that even though I'll admit I'm a rubbish driver, because of the age I was when I passed, the fact that I had my husband as a named driver on the insurance and possibly down to my gender, the cost of my insurance was quite low, unlike my brother….

He was classed as a young driver and this unfortunately meant that his insurance costs were ridiculously high. A case of people being painted with the same brush, apparently it is assumed that all younger drives will be bad drivers I guess, I think I'm proof that your abilitites aren't always down to the age you are.

This is where I wish insurances like MORE TH>N SM>RT WHEELS - telematics had been about back then. The idea is that if you are a younger driver you can have a black box fitted into your car which records your driving, giving a more accurate picture of how you drive. And if you drive safely you'll be rewarded, getting money back on your premium.

A good incentive to make sure that you showcase what you learnt in your driving lessons, yes you do need to indicate (a pet hate of mine). Nice to finally be given the chance to show everyone that younger drivers can be just as responsible, if not more responsible than older drivers. No offence to my nan but I'd much prefer to be driven around by my brother than her these days!!

How much did your insurance cost you when you first pass your test? Would you have appreciated this type of option when it came to picking your insurance provider?


Disclaimer : This post is in collaboration with MORE TH>N insurance
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  1. I think the black box is a genius idea. It's not fair that insurance is so high just because of a couple of new drivers that like to race. I was quite lucky though, I took my driving test when I was 24 (and 38 weeks pregnant) and passed first time which is good. Although I do think the instructor was terrified I was going to give birth in his car so felt obliged to hurry the test and pass me quickly. My insurance was really low but then my partner dinked our car about 9 months later and now it's so high. I keep nagging him about getting one of these boxes. But I'm not getting anywhere yet. xxx #picknmix

  2. Insurance was a lot cheaper when I passed my driving test luckily...though I won't tell you how many years ago that was ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix
    Stevie x

  3. I was a named driver on my parents policy but it meant I didn't build up my own no claims! Thanks for linking up to #PickNMix


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