Saturday 25 July 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 30

Week 30 of project 365 and this is the first day of our Summer holidays. I've been on count down for this for what seems like forever. This last term at school has dragged for both myself and the kids, I think we were all more than ready for a break from it all.

Day 200

Making the most of the sunshine.

Day 201

School report day. Pleased to find that all my children are doing exceptionally well, total relief from a parent point of view.

Day 202

A trip to our local park with Layla's playschool and also a chance to have some one on one time with nannie.

Day 203

Got this seasaw from Tesco for the bargain price of £18.

Day 204

Layla chose to be a cat for the day, those ears did not leave her head!

Day 205

Completely unaware that mummy was in actual fact taking a photo of them as they played before school.

Day 206

Day out at Bluewater and we found these delightful jelly belly beans.



  1. Love that the girls were all playing together on the bed. Well done to them on their school reports. Enjoy the holidays!

  2. That photo of the four of them is cracking, they've changed so much recently! The sunbathing photo at the top is great fun, the four girls must be a real joy to you.

  3. such lovely weather, i hope they get a lot of use out of the rotating see saw

  4. Looks like a lovely week. The picture of all 4 of them together is lovely, as is the one of the girls in the sun :)

  5. Great news on the school reports and what a bargain you picked us from Tesco! #365 Hope your little one is feeling better too x

  6. They should get lots of use out of the see saw, a great bargain. Love the 4 in the bed picture, nice to see them playing together.
    Well done on the school reports girls, enjoy your holidays

  7. Love the pic of them out on the sunbeds. We were so glad to finish too. Already 2 weeks through though which is a shame.


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