Friday 31 July 2015

Hate To Say It But You Stink..

Ok I know it sounds rude but haven't you been around certain people and noticed a not so nice odour and in your head you're definitely thinking that they stink. I've been worried about my own body odour in the past, especially on Summer days when you can't help being a bit sweaty and I'm pretty sure I'd be offended/upset if someone was to tell me that I smell.

Well a couple of weekends ago I happened to notice that my 7 year old daughter shall we say smelt a little, trouble is I wasn't quite sure how to tell her, I mean I wasn't really prepared for this part of her growing up just yet, in my head I was thinking that my 9 year old hasn't even hit puberty yet so this really shouldn't be happening…..

sanex deodrant impulse body spray

It is in the name isn't it, personal hygiene, its just that it is personal and you don't want to offend anyone especially when it's a family member.

In the end I kind of bit the bullet and took her aside explaining that as we get older our sweat begins to get an smell about it that isn't so nice, this means that we have to take care of ourselves, making sure to wash properly especially under our arms and round our private parts as otherwise even our clothes can start to smell when the sweat touches them.

Turns out she was quite proud of the fact that she had reached this stage in her life as it meant she could start using deodrant like mummy so off she went to show off to her older sister that she smelt (I'm sure she was meant to be a boy).

Well go figure I was wrong about my 9 year old not stinking because this caused her to have a sniff at her armpits and she did indeed whiff a bit, no offence to her.

So last Saturday saw us picking out roller ball deodrants and body sprays, aaaa I remember the days of using Impulse. Another discussion was then needed afterwards, talking of their new daily routine, making sure not to forget to put the deodrant on after washing, remembering to put clothes in the wash after wearing them as mine have been known to sneakily hang things back up in their wardrobes after use.

I honestly can't believe how quick my girls are growing up, I thought I still had atleast a couple more years before puberty started to occur, I mean I now have periods to look forward, yay (you can hear my sarcasm right). And I atleast thought it would happen from oldest to youngest, I didn't think they'd be syncing up from such a young age.

Oh the joys of growing up.

What age did your children hit puberty??


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  1. My kids are 5 & 2 and I'm not looking forward for their puberty stage... At the moment, I'm still enjoying their babyish smell, lol. Great post!

  2. Great post.

    It's really awkward when you have to tell someone they smell. As a Manager, I had a staff member that had such bad BO, customers were complaining to me. I had to have a conversation and thankfully she was okay about it. I brought an emergency spray deoderant which I kept in the staff room and sometimes on hot sunny days if I'd been window dressing I had to use it too.

  3. My eldest is nearly 13 and I haven't yet noticed the smell but she does use roll on so maybe she noticed it herself already lol! Great Post!

  4. Great post, I had to do the hygene one when my daughter started developing, not noticed her smell but we had the talk about personal hygene. Then had the period talk which I must have done right as she sailed through starting. Always a scary topic to bring up, but somehow not as hard as you think it will be

    1. we've had the period talk as I have always been very open when I have my period so they know exactly what to expect and already have provisions ready for when the day comes. :)

  5. Aww a nice post! In the Philippines we learn these in school. We have out little bag which carries comb, toothbrush set and soap! And we use it everyday in school. This made me aware of the things that I need to do so as not to smell as the Philippines is a tropical country and we really sweat a lot.

    This is a nice post for me. So that when my son gets to that age (he is 5 now) I am ready and I know what to do.


  6. Oh wow! I cant even imagine my girls hitting purberty! They are 3 and 5 at the moment xxx

  7. Aww I remember my mum buying me Mum deodorant when I was 8 as I was a bit pongy! Haha. I'll have all this to come. I had the period talk at 8 too but waiting another 7 years before it came!!! Time flies xx great post xx #binkylinky

  8. I LOL'ed at the bit about her being proud of being smelly!! Bless her. M is only 2 ½ and I can't even think about puberty as it scares me a LOT! I know, I am going to have to prepare and be ready! :-) #binkylinky

  9. Grace has recently started to notice this and get embarrassed so she now understands deodorant and has some in her room. It really is a sign that they are growing up - and it is scary! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  10. It's really scary how quick they grow up but great that there is so many child friendly deodorants around x

  11. I'm glad she took it well. It sounds like you handled it well. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  12. Difficult subject but you dealt with it very well great post Thanks for linking to the Binkylinky


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