Saturday 1 August 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 31

One week of the Summer holidays gone and I have to say we've been pretty busy with parties, birthdays, trips to the park and lots of creative play, the kids haven't had a chance to get bored.

Day 207

A rainy day saw us doing lots of crafts including friendship bracelet making.

Day 208

Haircut day for all of us. I actually had 7 inches cut off mine. Seen as I hadn't had my hair cut in a year I thought it was time!

Day 209

Layla's 3rd birthday. Can't believe there will be no more toddler :(

Day 210

A trip to the Marlowe and an excuse for a silly selfie with the eldest.

Day 211

Time to sign up for this years summer reading challenge.

Day 212

Water ballon fight that ended with the youngest throwing most of them on the floor.

Day 213

BBQ weather so we bought some cider to accompany the good food.



  1. Looks like a good start to the summer holidays! Happy birthday to Layla! I haven't had my hair cut in over a year either!

  2. The water fight sounds like fun, nice to finally have some decent weather for it. Good luck with the reading challenge #365

  3. What a great start to the summer holidays....Good luck with the reading challenge x

  4. Wow 7 inches is so much! Does your head feel really light now? I love a good water balloon fight :)

    1. a weight has definitely been lifted lol kind of miss it already though x

  5. Wow 7 inches is a lot! You are brave lady. I'm uncomfortable with more than an inch off LOL but it must feel better and lighter. Hope the little one had a great birthday.

  6. water balloon fights are a great pastime, until the children drip across your floor to get changed.
    I only get my hair done about once a year as well.
    Happy belated birthday Layla.
    Love the silly selfie

  7. i thought people had forgotten how to make friendship bracelets, i used to love making them for my friends kids

  8. Happy Birthday Princess Layla, I hope she had a great day. Sounds like you have had a good week. We missed the sign up for the reading challenge x

  9. We've been doing the reading challenge too - in fact, H has raced through it thanks to Beast Quest. Happy Birthday Layla.


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