Saturday 11 July 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 28

July always seems to be a busy month, lots going on with school and there's Layla's birthday to prepare for, only 2 and a half weeks to go until she turns three eekkk. Well the weather this week hasn't been too great, all those people complaining about the heat finally go their way but that didn't stop me from taking photos for this weeks project 365.

Day 186

My best friends daughter was being christened and my husband and I had the honour of being asked to be godparents, we are already godparents to their son, I talked last week about what being a godmother means to me.

Day 187

After buying ice lolly moulds at the weekend I decided to make some healthy smoothie ice lollies for the girls to eat after school.

Day 188

So I have no words for this photo but it really made me chuckle.

Day 189

It was super heroes and princesses day at playschool so Layla went dressed up as Princess Sofia, she came home with some gorgeous flowers face painted on her face.

Day 190

Off to feed the ducks after going to the library and running errands.

Day 191

Another lovely sunny day and the water guns came out again.

Day 192

Out for a cheeky nandos and a spot of colouring.



  1. Lovely photos...Looks like you have had a great week.
    I love the pic of the waster pistols in the garden....Hopefully we will have lots more sunny days over the summer holidays :D xx

  2. Great photo's Chantelle. The girls are so like you! I've not been to Nando's in a ages. Hope you all had fun! x

  3. Looks like it was a great week. Love the sunglasses/posing picture. Could almost be glamourous Flindstones!


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