Monday 27 July 2015

Read With Me #30

Hello, welcome to this weeks Read With Me :) So the Summer holidays have officially begun for us and I am now trying to decide which is the best day to take all the kids down the library.

read with me
I'm used to taking just the one child with me, might be a tad noisier with four but I'm eager to start our Summer Reading challenge.

I've actually caught the reading bug again, managing to read 8 books in the past 2 weeks.

There have been moments where my kids and I have all been reading at the same time, would be a funny sight to some I'm sure!

One of my favourite reads was Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame. A real light hearted read that if you don't take too seriously will have you laughing out loud. Summer reading at its best I'd say.

Now my favourite post from last week wasn't specifically about reading but books were mention on Twinmumanddad's list of things to do when the kids start nursery, if I wasn't so busy doing housework I'd happily read all of the time!

Onto this weeks link up. If you are new to Read With Me, take a look here at what it's all about. Regular? Get linking, commenting and hopefully displaying my badge of linking back in some way.


Happy reading.


  1. linking again this week as I have time to comment on other posts. Will pop back later to leave comments as only 2 linked up x

  2. Linking up for the first time this week. Love reading so happy to have found this linky. Thanks for hosting

    1. aa thanks for linking up Janet and don't worry about the extra links/comments all sorted :)

  3. I'm having it issues tonight so sorry for double comments and linking twice, feel free to remove one!

  4. I remebered to link! yay me! I miss the library - I haven't been in ages!

  5. Thanks for letting me link up again. I am working on my next report ready. : )


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