Wednesday 5 August 2015

Ben and Holly Live

Part of being Ben and Holly ambassadors means that we were given the chance to go and watch Ben and Holly Live, our chosen venue The Marlow Theatre in Canterbury, Kent.

I think I was more excited than the girls but in the end we all had a brilliant day out. Nannie came along with us and the day started with a train ride which is always fun, especially when Nannie buys snacks for everyone. Layla was fascinated watching everything go by out of the window.

Our showing was at 1pm so we opted to have a spot of dinner before we went, and of course the number one choice was McDonalds, I think in part for the Minion toys on offer in the happy meals.

Now to tell you about the show.

The show itself went on for around one and a half hours with a 10 minute interval in the middle, this I found to be a good length and with the interval inbetween, little ones had the chance to stretch their legs and pop along to the toilets without interrupting the show.

All well known characters were there to be seen including Ben, Holly, Nannie Plum and The Wise Old Elf. Now we were told no cameras but I managed to sneak one photo (smacks own hand).

It was all done in what I would call panto style. With plenty of singing and dancing and lots of audience participation. I'm happy to admit I joined in with it all. I had all of my daughters with me and even the 9 year old will admit to cracking a smile whilst watching!

There wasn't just one set storyline either. They had chosen certain scenes of episodes seen on the TV, I'm sure fans will remember Lucy and the tooth fairy and poor old Ben being turned into a frog.

Overall we all enjoyed it. Family entertainment at its best, highly recommended to everyone not just fans of the show itself.

And of course we couldn't leave the show without buying a little merchandise. A cuddly Gaston and a souvenir activity brochure made their way home with us. The girls carried on the fun colouring in and solving the puzzles in their brochures when they got home.


Are you a fan of Ben and Holly? Which character is your favourite?



  1. Oh I so wanted to see this but we are moving house when it's on near us - looks fab! #MMWBH

  2. Lol your comment about "Nannie buying the snacks" - thats what Nans do isn't it! My little boy loves Ben and Holly but it hasn't toured near to us yet, looks great fun though so I will keep my eyes peeled for it! #MMWBH


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