Tuesday 4 August 2015

We're Going On A Flower Hunt

If you haven't seen by now, I am lucky enough to be an ambassador for Ben and Holly and this Summer they have set up the Little Explorer challenges for everyone to get involved in, each week with a new theme. Last week was all about flowers. So whilst the sun was shining on Friday we decided to go on a flower hunt at our local park.

Now I'm no expert when it comes to plants but I know that some of the flowers were there purely to be admired, no picking as I told my mischievious three year old. It's wonderful seeing of all the bright colours all together, just perfect for these Summer months.

Whilst searching I was asking my youngest what colours each of the flowers were and with the elder children seeing whether they could tell the flowers from the weeds, lots of dandelions!

I'd taken a small bag with us ready to collect the flowers in and we ended up with quite collection so I task when we got back home was to press them.

We even spotted some buds in different stages of growth.

Before pressing them we decided to have a google and work out what types of flowers we'd found. Of course we knew daisies and buttercups but the purple ones we weren't so sure on and sadly we still don't know lol.

Flower pressing is a nice simple activity that anyone can do, all you need is two pieces of card and some heavy books.

Place one piece of card on top of your first book and spread your flowers onto the card. Pop your other piece of card over the flowers and then put a couple more heavy books onto the card.

Leave the flowers for atleast a few hours, I would say a day if you can be patient. Then let the children have a look at what they've made.

A nice thing to do with them is mount them on card and then pop them in a frame, a lovely momento of  something they've done themselves or a more personalised gift for family members.

And of course this is a great task for getting kids outdoors in the fresh air!!



  1. A lovely way to get the kids out towards Chantelle. Something we haven't done here for a while so thank you for and reminder. We had to have those little purple flowers I'm not sure what they are either. We have made bookmarks before that photos frames are a great idea. Don't forget to pop over to Country Kids to link up. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. I've not done flower pressing in so so long. I'm pretty sure I may have been a young teen. Ooh thanks for this idea, I think I'll have to take z :)

  3. THis is gorgeous. I forget how beautiful pressed flowers can be. I hope they have kept these ones to remember their fun. Lovely post :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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