Thursday 13 August 2015

Green Tea Protein Smoothie Recipe

I was recently sent some organic matcha green tea powder from Kiss Me Organics and I knew exactly what I was going to use it in first.. Matcha powder is known to boost energy and burn calories. This amazing ingredient can be used in lattes, baking and my favourite, smoothies. I love smoothies and I love green tea so what could be better than combining the two.

kiss me organics matcha

Below you will find my recipe for my favourite protein packed green tea smoothie.

This is something quick and easy to make, it is full of lovely vitamins and is ideal for an on the go breakfast or a post workout shake.


* 1 and 1/2 cups of almond or coco nut milk (you can use normal milk but I find these make it taste a lot better)
* 1 tbsp matcha powder
* 1/2 banana
* 1/2 frozen banana
* 1/2 avocado
* 1 scoop vanilla protein powder


* Simply pop all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until completely smooth.

* Drink immediately!!!

green tea protein smoothie

Do you use matcha powder? I'd love for you to share your recipes below. I'm always on the look out for my inspiration.


Disclaimer : I was provided with the matcha FOC however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I've never heard of matcha powder before but I like the sound of that smoothie! I love green tea :) #foodpornthursdays

  2. That looks like it is very good. I'm picky about my smoothies but I might have to try this. I'm always on the lookout for something to eat or drink after my workouts. Thanks for sharing on #foodpornthursdays

  3. Ooo what a creative idea for a smoothie! Looks fab in the jar hun. Thanks so much for linking up with #foodpornthursdays x

  4. What is in matcha powder? I don't eat gluten, for health reasons, and it is so hard to find a protein powder without whey or wheat of some kind. I also have liver issues and don't eat soy. I like smoothies and can always use the extra boost!


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