Saturday 8 August 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 32

A second week of the Summer holidays is almost over and it has flown by too quickly for my liking, just like this years project 365 seems to be. Trips to the park, dinners out, library visits and eye tests, ther hasn't been a day where we've sat down and done nothing but this is exactly how I want the holidays to be.

Day 214

Another day another party, trying to get a photo of the girls all dressed up.

Day 215

Monday was pamper day.

Day 216

I actually got around to having my eyes tested today, but as I sorted out getting new glasses Elise managed to break hers.

Day 217

Carboard box fun, we were sent an amazing book all about making things out of cardboard and this is what we managed to create.

Day 218

Another trip to the library, this time the girls were colouring in their contribution to the record that our library is trying to break, making the longest paper caterpillar.

Day 219

There was a fun day at our local park with lots to see including these sheep.

Day 220

Long over due but I finally got new glasses.



  1. Love the pamper day pic, can't beat a face mask and cucumber lol. Kids always love a cardboard box don't they? #365

  2. Love the party photo, they are all growing up so fast, and how cute to have a pamper party. Love your glasses but oops to your daughters #365

  3. Love the cardboard car and the pamper pic is very funny - such girls! :)

  4. Lovely photos! Your girls are so cute....I love the pamper day photo! So funny!

  5. Love the pamper day and the cardboard car! Your glasses look fab :) Kaz x

  6. I like your glasses - hope you managed to sort out the broken pair too.

  7. as the mum of 4 boys i think 4 girls look a lot more fun at their ages, with mine i was always outside and washing football boots, new glasses look fab

  8. Pamper day sounds like so much fun! Loving the new glasses.

  9. its always nice to get much needed new glasses, oh dear at Elise's ones. Love Speedy 1 - up cycling at its very best.
    Love the poses in the pamper day picture.


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