Saturday 15 August 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 33

Third week of the Summer holidays and the bickering has started. If the kids pair off they seem to be ok, but put three or all four together then it appears I am asking for trouble. It doesn't help that the sun has disappeared this week meaning we've been stuck indoors for a lot of the time. And I have to admit project 365 wasn't at the front of my mind so the photos aren't the best…

Day 221

All out for dinner for nannie's birthday.

Day 222

Monday was a rainy day so lots of drawing and crafting going on. 

Day 223

A visit from nannie and a new way to cuddle. 

Day 224

A surprise trip to the cinema to watch the minion movie.

Day 225

Getting married?

Day 226

Helping daddy to wash the car again..

Day 227

All packed up and ready for a weekend at Auntie Lucys.



  1. Bless them washing the car again, they are great little helpers! How was the Minion movie?

  2. We are at that point too where the bickering has started too....*Groan*
    I hope you enjoyed the Minion's movie....

  3. Love the 'wedding' shot and looks like they loved going to the cinema #365

  4. Your girls are so lovely! What are you doing with your child free time while they're at auntie
    Lucy's? X

    1. dinner, drinks and shopping, was lovely to get some time alone with the hubby x

  5. Mine are begging to go to the cinema - must do it before the holidays end

  6. Such a cute wedding shot! We're also crafting and drawing on rainy days, plus lots of Lego.

  7. Hope they had a good weekend with their auntie! Love the excitement in the cinema photo and very cute hug for Nannie! :)

  8. looks like a ovely week, love the way the girls play together

  9. We loved the Minions! The monkeys are minion mad! Hope the weekend with auntie was good!

  10. Yes when mine were young you had to choose the correct combinations to who played with who to save the arguments.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend away, and that Nannie had a good birthday.
    Love the "Bride" very endearing.


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