Saturday 22 August 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 34

Another mixed bag of a week for project 365, is it Summer or is it Autumn, the weather was so undecided and this made for an interesting week of finding things to do with the girls.

Day 228

Daddy got a new toy and was teaching the girls how to use it.

Day 229

Rainy day so Lego came out to play, I was not stepping in the room for fear of Lego stuck on my feet!

Day 230

Stuck in a box, enough said.

Day 231

Trip to nannie's house, spoilt rotten as per usual, here's Freya with all her bling.

Day 232

An afternoon spent at the fair, my purse was decidedly lighter by the time we left.

Day 233

A chilled day, picture of the girls before we went to feed the ducks

Day 234

Beach day.



  1. Love the beach and hat shot, and looks like a very fancy set of bling - tasty!

  2. It looks like you have all had a fun week!
    Your girl stuck in a box.....So funny!

  3. Nice to see you getting down to the beach before the holidays have ended, great angle for the picture.
    Laughed at the bling....mine use to do that with hula hoops
    Brilliant hats, and the wee one is funny on the fairground ride, learning thumbs up from the older ones.

  4. oh the days of lego and the sore feet. My kids used to use a single fitted sheet on the floor to put the lego in when playing, it saved it from escaping and was easy to tidy away


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