Saturday 29 August 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 35

We're nearing the end of the Summer holidays and the sun actually managed to shine for a couple of hours but the rain has meant lots of indoor photos for this weeks project 365 which I do apologise for.

Day 235

A week of rain began, I love watching how well my kids can play by themselves, their imaginations are incredible.

Day 236

Back to school preparation begins, time to label the clothes.

Day 237

More rain so we had a craft/drawing day.

Day 238

We joined in with the #TwoByTwoDVD twitter party.

Day 239

We spent the morning baking and decorating cakes whilst the rain poured outside.

Day 240

The girls completed their reading challenge, atleast two of them were happy about this.

Day 241

We got some new nail varnishes with pen mins so we've been experimenting on tiny nails.



  1. Well done on the reading challenge girls! We did cake baking this week too, it's been so miserable outside!

  2. Love their cute nails and well done to the girls for completing their reading challenge! I'm very impressed with your girls for playing imaginatively so well. My kids have never been great at that!

  3. Cute nails! What a week of weather for you :( You're very good with your name labels - I now scribble on labels with a Sharpie!

  4. Aww well done to your girls for a fun week, it's easy to get a bit grumpy and miserable during constant rain. I'm dreading all the labelling. I should just get on with it!

  5. Great pastime during the holidays is a reading challenge, well done girls.
    Use to hate labelling school clothes, but so essential.
    The nails look great, well done all.

  6. Love the nails! Sorry it rained all week, miserable, but it is great when you see them using their imaginations x


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