Tuesday 29 September 2015

Alternative Dental Care, the Miracle of Holistic Oral Health Care

Taking our kids to the dentist can sometimes be a difficult task. You really have to be prepared to deal with their tantrums just to bring them there so you want to feel like any problems they have are being treat appropriately. Now if your kid’s or a family member’s have oral problems that keep coming back, regardless of the number of times you’ve visited the dentist, then it’s surely more than just a toothache?

There are only few people who know about an oral care method that will not just treat problems as they appear but will really treat the source of the problem. This method can surely help parents like us to ensure that we or any of our family members are fully treated. 

This post will help to explain to you how such a method came about and how it can help us.

Some thirty years ago, a gathering of concerned dentists decided that traditional dentistry did not pay enough mind to the overall health of patients. Their view was that by concentrating only on ailments in the mouth, dentists were ignoring the source of the problem, and were only treating the symptoms as they were showing up. This, according to them, left the actual ailments untreated, to go on causing damage to the body as the whole, while the mouth was mistakenly seen to be treated back to health independently of the body.

What the holistic approach does for the body

Holistic dental treatment takes the patient’s entire bodily health into account. The theory is that problems which occur in the mouth are merely tell-tale signs of a much larger problem in the body, which should not be treated simply by a dental procedure, but requires a dietary change and treatment that would boost the overall health of the patient’s entire body. In short, a holistic treatment philosophy says that there is no point in treating the symptom (which is evident in the patient’s dental health) without actually tackling the source of the problem itself, which is likely being suffered somewhere else in the body.

The holistic approach is critical of traditional dentistry for the fact that it doesn’t consider the oral cavity as an interconnected part of the body which reflects the patient’s overall health, but rather an independent organ that requires specific treatment. The implications of this are that holistic physicians believe traditional procedures can lead to problems elsewhere in the body through the spreading and build-up of oral bacteria which spreads throughout the body causing unseen problems. This means that holistic treatment doesn’t just treat the body to benefit the mouth, but understands the need to treat the mouth in looking after the entire body.

Although there has been much criticism of holistic dentists, Brisbane has seen some major strides made in the field since its inception in the late 80’s as this type of treatment grows in popularity, but what seems so special about it?

Treatment of the mind and spirit

Holistic physicians consider an important link between the patient’s emotional, spiritual, and physical health. As the practice goes, it is believed that physical ailments can be caused by stress, anxiety, and a general neglect of the patient’s spiritual and emotional needs. The idea that emotional and spiritual complications can manifest themselves into physical problems is nothing new. In fact it is one of the principles that homeopathy has been based on for so many years, with much success, so it’s no surprise to see this philosophy being applied to dental care.

Holistic physicians are attuned to discrepancies in the body being caused by lifestyle effects and unhealthy mind-sets, and so treatment often concerns itself with the consideration of the overall physical, mental and spiritual state of the body in its treatment with alternative, organic, and carefully tailored cure plans.

Alternative treatment

One of the hallmarks of holistic treatment is the use of natural remedies. This is because physicians believe that the use of toxic medication which is often prescribed by traditional dentists can cause slow and serious harm to the body (mind and spirit) in such a way that it can go unnoticed until the day it causes a serious problem. The general mindset is that there is no point in treating an ailing person with medication that will raise the toxicity levels in their body. 

With this in mind, holistic dentists often use natural remedies to relieve the immediate troubles caused in the patient in such a way to not further damage their body, so that the physician can get about treating the body as a whole without doing further damage to the patient, something it is believed, which gets completely ignored by traditional dentistry.

I have to say I've always been skeptical of such methods in the past but having had recurring problems with my own teeth and seemingly no real solution to them, honestly I'd be happy to try these methods going in with an open mind.

By reading this post, hopefully it has given you an idea on what holistic treatment is about. You can contact reliable holistic dentists near your area if you want to find out more about what they can offer to you and your family. It may be a relief knowing that  their could be alternative treatment to ignored ailments.


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