Tuesday 29 September 2015

Junk Food, Lazy Days and No Motivation

I thought it was about time I wrote down a little update on how my health and fitness routine are doing and I'm shamed to admit it's not been going very well of late. The title says it all really, junk food, lazy days and no motivation.

I've dipped back into the world of yoyo dieting. I'll begin to make the effort again, starting a reasonably heatlhy way of eating. My most recent trial was back to eating three meals a day but only having carbs with breakfast, I managed to stick with it for 2 weeks but then I got ill with woman flu.

Yes woman flu not man flu. This made me feel awful and I really struggled to find any sort of will power to get up and do the normal day to day things. After cooking meals for the kids, I lacked any enthusiasm to cook anything for myself and I'll admit that meals for myself have kind of vanished, it is more of a case of picking at things. And the stupid thing is I know that I'm not helping myself.

My main problem is the exercise. All this year I've been getting up early religiously and exercising before the girls get out of bed but since being ill I've not exercised once, so that's 2 weeks without exercise so far. I'm feeling majorly guilty but I still an't muster up the energy to actually get off my arse and do something.

After eight months of doing so well I can't understand where my head is at. I need a serious kick up the bum to get moving again.

The colder, wetter weather is playing its part, I'm extremely reluctant to go out running because of the cooler temperatures and the darker mornings are making it difficult to leave the comfort of my bed.

But in reality these are all poor excuses so I need a plan, one that is reasonable, simple to stick to, I work better when I have something to follow. So here's three fairly simple things that I'm going to do…

* Start doing the 30 day shred again. This was always a good kick starter when getting back into working out for me and I've always responded well to a challenge.

* No more fad diets. Just breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of food, of course not going over board with the fattier choices.

* Stepping on the scales once a week. I have avoided the scales for so long now, I think I need to see those numbers looking back at me to give me a bit of incentive.

Wish me luck!



  1. We've all been there... I find socialising gets in the way of mine. We've had lots if birthdays so there's been drink, cake and meals out! It's never bad to try again though so that's what I'm doing. Good luck!

  2. Good luck going forward.
    It is difficult not to fall off track, and getting back on track is even more difficult!


  3. Sounds like a plan to me, I really want to try 30 day shred, as a much larger lady I'm wondering if I can do it! #WeighLoseorStay

  4. Good luck I have heard good things about the 30 day shred. It is remarkably easy to loose your focus after doing well for so long as I have found out. I look forward to reading next week how you have done. #weighloseorstay

  5. I know what you mean. I lost 2 stone at the end of last year on the Juice Plus shakes but as soon as I started to eat normally again it came back on. This time I am doing it healthily, if it takes longer and stays off I am happy! Hope you have a good week x #WeighLoseStay

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