Friday 18 September 2015

Christmas In September

Ok ok, I know a lot of you don't like the C word being mentioned around this time of year but I'm going to be brave and talk about it anyway. Christmas, there I said it. I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that September seems to be the month when the shops begin to fill their shelves with plenty of festive goodies, I've not broken and bought a mince pie yet though!

I have however started to buy presents. I'll admit this because I don't think there is anything wrong with being organised. I actually buy Christmas gifts all year round because I believe in picking up a bargain when you see one.

With so many people to buy for and the list ever growing it can only be a good thing to buy a few items each month and put them away rather than panic buying in the middle of December. It definitely means that I get to avoid the crowds of people.

christmas stockings

At the moment I have majority of the big presents sorted so I'm thinking about stocking fillers for my girls and the husband.

I never got a stocking when I was a kid, just a present at the end of my bed so I think I am making up for this by trying to make my children's stockings a bit different each year. Although I like to keep things a little traditional, I do pop and orange in there and they always get a toothbrush.

And the added bonus is that we have a fireplace in our house now so I get to hang them over the fireplace.

I normally pick little items up from places like Pound Land but this year I have stumbled across the site Stocking Fillers. They've got a great range of stocking fillers from as little as £1 each. From stationery, to small toys. There is something for even the biggest of kids and yes I do mean me.

One of the stocking fillers I've spotted is the jelly belly bean boozled game, my girls and I attempted this, you can watch the video here, definitely one worth purchasing if you fancy a laugh.

But if you're struggling for inspiration or just want to save a little time and effort you can save yourself the fuss and buy prefilled stockings suited to your child's age. A surprise is always nice. Now is it bad that I'm considering buying one for myself as well as the kids?

What I'd really like to know now is, when do you start your Christmas shopping? Are you an early bird or a do you always find yourself in a last minute frenzy of wrapping paper and sticky tape? And do you have any good ideas for stocking fillers, I'm thinking funny and a bit quirky.


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  1. I have started picking up a couple of bits but am really wanting to get everything done and wrapped by the beginning of December. I think next year I will try and be a little more organised. :-) x

    1. I like to have it all done early so I can just enjoy the build up to Christmas itself without the stress of present buying and wrapping x

  2. I start in January with buying discounted Wrapping paper and cards and if i see a bargain i buy it throughout the year. i also have a kids and adults present box for emergency which i raid to see what can be given away for Xmas.


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