Friday 18 September 2015

Turning September into Sleeptember

Sleep, it is something that we all need to enable us to function on a day to day basis. Some of us need more time in bed than others although research deems that we need around 8 hours or sleep a night to allow us to wake up refreshed. So time to turn September into Sleeptember.


I love sleep and I really love my bed. Anything less or more than 8 hours snoozing and I wake up feeling terrible. But I'm one of these people who struggles with getting to sleep in the first place.

Generally I'll lie down around 11pm- midnight and find myself still tossing and turning come 2-3am. It's that time of night that I start hearing all those little noises that you don't notice during the day such as clocks ticking or the fridge humming away.

Because of my inability to shut down at night not only do I annoy myself but I end up irritating my husband at the same time.

Advice I've been given to try and combat my problems is leaving phones etc out of the bedroom, no watching TV, what it boils down to is that the bedroom is for sleeping in so you don't want to have anything in there that is going to stimulate your brain to think/do otherwise.

Furniture Village recently put together a survey to coincide with sleeptember to find out just what helps some of you to get a good nights sleep.

Out of the 385 people they asked here are some of the suggestions were as follows :

* Sleep on a mattress that suits you - I have to admit I don't even know what type of mattress I own.

* Go to bed between 10 and 11pm - I've read many a time that you should keep your time of going to bed and waking up time the same each night because just like having a day time routine, keeping things  the same every bed time should allow for a restful nights sleep. I have always had a bed time routine for my kids so maybe I should do the same for myself.

* Keep your bedroom cool - Getting too hot in bed can make getting asleep/staying asleep difficult so it is worth checking the tog of your duvet, the type of sheets you use etc to aid in keeping the temperature lower in your bedroom.

You can look at their site for more Sleeptember tips and you can send them your own suggestions to have a chance of winning a sleeptember sleep kit at the same time.


This post is in collaboration with Furniture Village.

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  1. my husband needs much much more sleep than I do - I find it hard to sleep sometimes and really should try and get more a routine going for me like we do with D & E x


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