Saturday 19 September 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 38

This week has been a long one. Myself and the hubby have been full of cold so everything has dragged somewhat, not helped by the awful weather we've been having! So apologies for the not so great project 365 photos.

Day 256

A totally lazy Sunday. 

Day 257

Spotted the Christmas range at The Range.

Day 258

A wet and soggy school run bleugh.

Day 259

Nannie came with gifts, although I think she wanted the colouring book for herself.

Day 260 

These were my thoughts for the day seen as I forgot to take a photo.

Day 261

Got a couple of new cushions for our sofa.

Day 262

We went to lakeside shopping today and ended up in Wagamama for dinner.



  1. Hope you're feeling brighter now, love the new cushions #365

  2. Can't beat a totally lazy Sunday. Love the new cushions, where did you get them? #365

  3. Christmas stuff??!!! Love those cushions and I love a bit of colouring in too so totally get that picture!

  4. I love your new cushions and am very jealous of your lunch at Wagamama. Hope you and your husband are feeling better now.

  5. We have been full of cold too - I've had to take it a bit easier this week as well.

  6. Nothing wrong with a lazy Sunday, wish I could get one....but its part of my working week so little chance.
    Love the saying, and so very true.
    I am not a lover of colouring in as I dont have the patience. hope the girls got chance once Nana had gone home.

  7. hope everyone is feeling better, i loved seeing christmas in the shops in the UK

  8. Ooh loving those cushions! The lunch at Lakeside sounds good! x


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