Tuesday 1 September 2015

Healthier Alternatives to Crisps

One of my biggest downfalls when it comes to my diet is snacking, specifically crisps! I don't help myself because I buy the big bags and then lack the ability to share. This results in me eating said bag all to myself, I do not wish to look at the calorie content because I already know it isn't good for me. Because of this I am always on the search for healthier alternatives to crisps and now I'm going to share with you my top three.


You are at this point probably thinking well how is that good for you, lots of sugar on there, well there are other flavours apart from toffee or sweet. I love Metcalfe's skinny popcorn and Propercorn, especially their Sweet Coconut and Vanilla flavour.

The good thing is that these types of popcorn are low in calories and you can eat a surprising amount without going over your specified limit.


Nothing But Snacks

I've posted recipes before making my own healthier crisps, such as the cauliflower crisps but I recently discovered Nothing But snacks which are a speedy alternative to making my own vegetable crisps.

Available in range of flavours, they are definitely different but tasty and they definitely curb any craving for crisps that I might have. My favourite flavour is the Apple & Fig one.

nothing but snacks

Coconut Chips

This was actually something I discovered by accident in Primark of all places. Gluten  and dairy free, suitable for vegans, these make a great snack.

Not only a fab alternative to crisps but you are getting a bit of a sweet treat mixed in too. You must have heard of all of the benefits that come from coconuts now, both from the oil and the milk etc. I use it in a lot of things so it's great being able to snack on it too.

maui & sons coconut chips

Do you have any healthier alternatives to crisps that you'd care to share? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Perfect I am going to buy these! Popcorn is my favourite snack too. I love snacks they are definitely my downfall. I've heard of people roasting kale and sprinkling with sweetener but not tried it. Frozen grapes are meant to be good and I buy chocolate chips now as they go a lot further and are good for sharing with kids. I would eat a 100g bar of choc in one night but a 100g bag of dark choc chips lasts us all week! I also have a glass of skimmed milk in the afternoon when I get sugar cravings :)
    Love coconut though so I'll defo try those! Primark too, good excuse to shop xx

  2. I love my crisps but they are quite high in syn value so I have take to eating popcorn as they are 5 sysn lower than my fav crisps! #WeighLoseOrStay

  3. Oh I do like Popcorn I have not heard of the others but they sound yummy too. #weighloseorstay

  4. I am terrible for snacking on crisps that is my biggest downfall when on diets, oh and bread I eat too much of that too. I keep hearing about the skinny popcorn I will have to give it a try x #weighloseorstay


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