Tuesday 1 September 2015

Re-designing the Bedroom

Since moving into our own home we've been trying to decorate one room at a time. Progress has been slow as money has been tight but the focus right now is on the loft room which happens to be our seven year olds bedroom.

I previously revealed to you the bench/toy box that my husband very cleverly built. This unknowingly set the theme of the room. We painted the bench white and purple and decorated it with silver writing and a mix of plush cushions. The look is modern and bright yet clean and it made great use of the space it was put in.

It's been the perfect for solution for both storage and seating within the room. Freya has managed to store all her books, toys and shoes within it, it's surprising just how deep this bench is!

Because this room is in the loft, the way the architecture has been designed, the shape of it doesn't make it simple to find furniture that makes good use of where it is being put.

The bed that we recently purchased took up more floor space than we were hoping, it is handy that my husband is a trained carpenter because he is now carefully planning how to make a unique built in wardrobe for the space show below.

The idea is to have it run the width of the room. With shelves built in one end and plenty of space inside for not only my daughter's clothes but also extended storage space for things like Christmas decorations, clothes ready for passing down etc.

What we are questioning now is just how to go about doing this. We need the doors to be sliding as opening cupboards will take up to much of the remaining floor space and of course we have the velux window to contand with but I'm confident in my husbands ability to get the job done.

We my husband will paint it white once it is complete and I'm planning on putting crystal handles similar to these ones on Amazon to give it a nice finish.

Do any of you have experience with decorating loft rooms? I would love any suggestions of how you made use of the space in the comments below.


Disclaimer : This post is in collaboration with Homify

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