Wednesday 2 September 2015

LeapFrog Number Loving Oven Review

As LeapFrog ambassadors we are very lucky because we get sent a lot of their latest products to test out. One of the latest releases is the Number Loving Oven. This funky little number is aimed at children aged between 2 and 5 years old and is designed to teach things like counting and vocabulary.

leap frog number loving oven

Coming with batteries already installed (as my postman found out on his round), all you need to do to begin playing is take off the packaging.

The set consists of 16 pieces which includes :

Interactive oven
4 Pizza slices
3 Pieces of bread
2 Cupcakes
1 Fried egg
1 Fry pan
1 Spatula
1 Baking tray
1 Plates

leap frog number loving oven

There are so many skills to be learnt whilst playing with this toy, it is another great example of learning through play. 

The oven when used with the various foods teaches kids about cooking, frying an egg, baking bread and cakes, even getting them thinking about seving the foods with the use of the spatula and plates. And of course there are sound effects to coincide with these actions, my 3 year old was particularly fascinated with the sizzling sound of the egg frying as she placed the pan on top of the oven. Could I have a budding little chef on my hands?

This in turn helps with their motor skills, placing things neatly on plates, arranging the pizza slices so that they fit together, getting items in and out of the oven. These all take time, care and attention.

Sounds play a big part with this toy but I'm pleased to tell you as a parent that these noises aren't as annoying as most other toys. When things like the chefs hat on the front are pressed various songs and phrases can be heard, things for them to learn as they listen.

Something that appeals to the older kids is the numbers scale on the front of the oven. This teaches an abundance of things, from number recognition and counting to things like temperature and times as you move the slider up and down the scale.

leap frog number loving oven

In my opinion LeapFrog have produced another wonderful toy. The Number Loving Oven is fun and engaging, I have to admit even I enjoyed playing with it. Promoting learning through play and even sharing, priced at £19.99, it really is worth the money you pay for it. There are so many different features that the game play seems endless. One to put on the Christmas list maybe?


Disclaimer : I was sent this toy FOC however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Oh I love the look of this , leap frog make such great educational products. My daughter would love this as now she is two she is really getting into pretend play and makes a bee line for any toy kitchens she sees. This would be perfect for her as it is so compact xx

  2. Aww! This is just too cute! It sounds like there is a lot to learn from it x

  3. An advert for this came on TV twice today and my daughter was up pointing and shouting 'that that that!'. I was thinking of getting her a bigger kitchen but maybe smaller is the way to go, because this does sound good!

  4. Max would love this. Can't beat Leapfrog for educational toys! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. Ah it looks fab for encouraging some imaginative role play!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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