Saturday 26 September 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 39

September seems to have been a hard month. What with the kids going back to school bringing with it the return of the morning rush. Autumn appearing with a bang, colder temperatures and extremely wet weather. And this in turn has led to germs galore. Gracie got struck down with a sickness bug this week and honestly I've struggled to take pictures for project 365 again but here's what I have managed.

Day 263

It was my nephews birthday so the girls were all dressed up and ready to party.

Day 264

A gloomy Monday was cheered up slightly with a new centre piece for my dining room table.

Day 265

Tuesday was spent trying to strip wallpaper in my bedroom, cursing woodchip!

Day 266

A rare moment of calm before the morning school run.

Day 267

Poorly Gracie up the night before being sick, sofa day for her.

Day 268

Wine was needed.

Day 269

Next child struck down with the bug!



  1. Oh my I feel your pain with the woodchip - our house was covered with the stuff when we bought it and removing it was a nightmare - we still have the back room with it in but am hoping it will come back in fashion as a vintage thing!! Hope your girls all perk up soon and some sunshine comes your way.

  2. Oh dear! I hope everyone is feeling better now!
    Woodchip is awful stuff....We have it in our bedroom! We have never been brave enough to do anything but paint over it x

  3. Aww no poor girls. Hope they are feeling better soon!

  4. Poor girls! I hope you all soon get better. Good luck with the decorating! x

  5. Oh no, hope you are lurgy free this week. Woodchip is my worst nightmare!!

  6. nothing worse than a bug that hits them all, hope the other 2 have avoided it. No idea why shop still sell woodchip or why anybody would ever want to put it up, stuff is awful. Impossible to remove from the wall and even more impossible to paper over.
    Love the calm picture


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