Tuesday 8 September 2015

The Wedding Dress Test

So a lot of people when trying to lose weight judge their figures against certain items of clothing, perhaps a favourite pair of jeans they'd like to fit back into. I know that I have lost weight, there's no doubt there. Infact I weight less now than when I was 18 years old. But weight and size don't always go hand in hand so I decided to take the wedding dress test to see just how much my figure has changed since I got married seven years ago.

If I'm totally honest I just wanted an excuse to put my wedding dress on again, seems a shame to only wear it the once considering how pretty it is. You know that episode in friends when Rachel, Phoebe and Monica all pop on their dresses, I'd love to just sit around watching the TV whilst casually wearing my wedding dress.

Although putting the dress on is no easy task and I certainly can't do it by myself. The first comment my eldest daughter made as she was trying to do it up was, "is that how big your boobs used to be?". Actually that was one of the first things to change on my body as the weight dropped off. I've gone from 34DD/E to a 32B/C depending on the style of bra. It's the one difference in my body that I'm not keen on, I miss having boobs, especially non saggy ones!!

Once the dress was done up I could both feel and see the difference, even when pulled tight, the top of the bodice kept falling down (no boobs to hold it up) and my stomach was definitely less rounded shall we say. The lacing is almost to the point where it can't be tightened anymore. But you can also see from the photo below that the fabric was quite tight but now kind of skims my body.

Maybe I shouldn't be so critical of how my body was all those years ago though. Thinking back I suppose I looked fairly good considering my now 7 year old was only 7 months old when I got married but I definitely feel happier with my body now than I did back then despite that lack of boobage.

Elise actually made my day when she told me I looked really pretty. I'd love to renew my vows now with all my children round me, feeling more confident in myself and less like a frumpy mum. The wedding dress test was definitely a pass rather than a fail.

Have you kept your wedding dress, could you fit in it now?



  1. This is so very cool! I look forward to the day i can fit back into my wedding dress! You look stunning and there is certainly a big difference from your wedding day! Your way slimmer! Well done! #WeighLoseStay

    Angela from www.daysinbed.com xx

  2. I might have to try this. I got married three years ago but I've had two kids since then. I wonder if it would still fit?

    Stunning dress, by the way.

    1. thank you, this after 4 kids, half the reason I want to renew my vows so the younger two can join in this time round x

  3. Beautiful dress. I got married 4 years ago, might have to give this a try, I think it'll be too tight though. You look great 😊

  4. You know, from the front on your wedding day pics you don't look that big at all - you were a beautiful bride! Well done on the weight loss though :) x

  5. You look beautiful in your dress before and after! I don't (and doubt I ever will) have a wedding dress but I do have an outfit I would love to be able to fit into again well done on your weight loss x

  6. You look absolutely beautiful in both photos! Stunning and in the first photo given you were only 7 months post birth that's pretty incredible. But you have also achieved a lot and look fantastic now too. Well done #weighloseorstay

  7. The Wedding dress test is such a good idea, mine has been washed and put away all nicely in a pretty box with tissue paper so I daren't get it out again!
    You look stunning in your Wedding photos by the way!


  8. what I find most interesting about this post is the style of your dress. I got married in 2008 too and my dress is/was very similar in style. I bet I could have guessed the approx year just by the dress. It is amazing how much styles change in a short space of time.
    You look fab in both pics - our bodies change as they tell the story of our lifetime journey. I still have my dress but no idea if I would fit in it now!

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