Wednesday 9 September 2015

A Little Surprise From Spicers of Hythe

Last Christmas I was lucky enough to be sent a lovely hamper from Spicers of Hythe both the box itself and the contents itself didn't disappoint. So I was extremely grateful and excited when a not so small surprise arrived from the a couple of weeks ago.

This lovely company kindly sent me a hamper filled with lots of delicious goodies. 

The box itself was wonderful. Lots of black and grey images of shop items adorned it, much better than the original cardboard box. 

From coffee and wine, sweets and bisuits to jams and chutneys. There was a little bit of everything included,

What I loved upon opening the box was that it was like a game of lucky dip. Packaged up wonderfully, I got the chance to rummage around trying to discover what was hidden inside. My girls were more than happy to help, trying to get to the sweet treats first me thinks.

You may think it is too early to be thinking about Christmas but you must all know by now that that time of year sneaks up on us pretty quickly so it is worth getting ideas sooner rather than later and what better gift than a hamper filled with various food and drink. I mean it is the time to eat, drink and be merry. Their Christmas hampers are ready to preorder now so why not check them out.

I think the only trouble I had with this surprise from Spicers of Hythe was deciding what to consume first!


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  1. Oh wow! I do love a hamper especially at Christmas.....
    This looks great! It looks like it has a bit of everything in there x


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