Wednesday 9 September 2015

Play and Learn with Wallace - Everyday Maths Book Review

Maths is a subject that I understood well at school. I took a statistics GCSE in Year 10 and got a B and managed to get an A* in maths the following year. I say all of this but everything appears to have changed since I was at school and even the most basic teaching methods seem more complicated to me so I'm not sure that I am entirely surprised that maths is a subject that all my children have had to really work at.

Priddy Books recently sent my children and I Play and Learn with Wallace - Everyday Maths. This wipe clean book comes complete with a pen and a learning ruler.

The wipe clean pages are mounted on rings which makes for easy page turning for younger ones, the pages are fairly large with bold print and bright illustrations that are extremely eye catching.

This book is more of an introduction to maths beyond simple number recognition and counting. Covering things that will be used in everyday life such as measuring, fractions, shapes and money. I think this makes it suitable for a wide age range.

Inside everything is clearly laid out and well explained. There are even tips on how to use the ruler provided. This a very useful tool to be introduced to as it is used often throughout school.

There are two sides to the ruler. The first side displays centimetres and the other shows inches and along the centre the letters of the alphabet are displayed in both their small and capital forms. I found this refreshing as most products tend to just have letters written in capitals.

At 56 pages long, there's a great variety of subjects to be discovered. From sums that need to be worked out to answers that require circling, the range of questions keeps the book interesting. It not only provides help on maths but gives them the ability to practice their writing skills at the same time.

Answers are provided at the back so you're able to cross check answers and because each page can be wiped clean, the book can be passed down to subsequent children when they find the need to use it.

Priced at £9.99, this book is aimed at children aged 3+. It is useful yet fun and provides entertainment to kids whilst giving them the chance to learn at the same time. A brilliant learning tool for younger and older children. Perfect for parents to work with their children or just as good if your child would like to sit and work independently.


Disclaimer : I was sent this book FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. What a fab book! I love that it is reusable!

  2. we have this too and it is superb isn't it? Such a good book and the wipe clean is excellent quality too x

  3. As somebody who struggled with maths at school I appreciate any attempts to make maths learning fun. These looks great and so appealing. Wiping clean is great for getting rid of mistakes and starting again :)

  4. this looks like a great book, I have something similar for my kids

  5. This looks good especially with the wipe clean

  6. I loooove the reusable books especially for the younger ones. #readiwthme

  7. That looks such a useful book for little ones, I was terrible at maths at school and still am xx


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