Wednesday 21 October 2015

A Degustabox With A Boost

Upon opening this months Degustabox I immediately smiled. The item on top happened to be my all time favourite chocolate so it was a good start. I would say Spetember's box would definitely give you a boost, whether it be from a sigar rush, a caffeine refuel or a feel good drink, there is not one thing I didn't like. So keep reading to see just what products put a smile on my face…


So I'm going to start with Db's discoveries -

The Olive Shop extra virgin olive oil £3.00 : This is described as greece in a bottle and whilst I can't tell a hige difference between this and other brands I can say that the foods I cooked in this tasted lovely.

Kent's Kitchen spicy szechuan posh noodles £1.85 : I have tried these in a previous box and what impressed me was the flavour, noodles can sometimes be a bit like cardboard, tasteless. These have a great tang and being low in calories, they are the perfect option for an on the go lunch.

Sweet Sally Tea spiced tea £2.40 : I'll admit I was dubious about trying this as I'm not the biggest tea fan but I was pleasantly surprised. The spices really came through and it was nice to drink both cold and warm.

Compete Energy Bites £4.49 : Coffee and chocolate, two of my favourite things so put them together and it is a winning combo. A brilliant bit of energy boost in one little square of chocolate, a little treat to get you moving. My only complaint is the price, I do think these are on the expensive side.

Up&Go breakfast drinks £1.39 each : I've always struggled with eating breakfast so these sounded right up my street as it was something I could drink whilst rushing about on the school run. Available in vanilla and chocolate, they are packed full of fibre, protein and calcium so make an excellent postworkout refreshment too.

Maynards Red Berry wine gums £1.50 : Bring on the blackcurrant and strawberry, I didn't even get a chance to sample these as the kids ate them so quickly!!

Bassetts Jelly Babies berry mix £1.50 : You can't go wrong with jelly babies, as the description said, berry nice. And a sweet treat that is low in calories so perfect for me trying to eat healthier again.

Mallow & Marsh raspberry marshmallow mini box £2.00 : Now I'll start by saying I love marshmallows and the flavour of these are amazing, especially with a squeeze of lime like they suggest however £2.00 for 3 marshmallows is in my opinion ridiculous!

The Good Cider £1.50 each : My husband and I shared these over the weekend and both agreed that both the apple and pear varieties were indeed delicious. Fruity with a twang. Nice over ice. I really want to try the peach flavour now.

Onto my favourite item of the box this month….

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 85p each : I have a slight addiction to these but the good thing about these is that you get three in each pack which are individually wrapped so perfect for that evening snack. My kids only problem is that mummy wouldn't share.

reese's peanut butter cups

If you like what you see why not head on over to Degustabox now and treat yourself to your very first box. And to help I have a discount code which gives you an amazing £6.00 off which makes it £7.00 + delivery




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  1. Everytime I see a review of the Degustabox I think I really must sign up. I love getting surprises through the post and your discount code is making me very tempted to give them a try #TriedTested


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