Saturday 31 October 2015

#DWTrickOrTreat Challenge Round Up Two

I told you last week about the #DWTrickOrTreat challenge which I had been set. Well here is the second round up of my 13 day challenge, the question is did I manage to complete?

Day seven

We were asked to go to a gym on a Sunday, gah, now that is a trick. I don't actually have a gym membership so I opted to go for a run instead.

Day eight

Treat day, smoothie time. Check out this delicious strawberry and mango smoothie bowl.

Day nine

Back to the grind, lots of star jumps. A nice blurry action pick to prove I was indeed doing them.

Day ten

Talking protein and weights. Well I do love a good protein shake.

Day eleven

Another trick day gah. Mountain climbers and burgers, I despise mountain climbers but I did them anyway. No pain no gain right?

Day twelve

Finally another treat. We were told to pamper ourselves so I opted to paint my nails.

Day thirteen

Challenge complete and I was told to don my cat ears so that's just what I did.

Thanks for the challenge DW Fitness, it was fun!


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