Saturday 31 October 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 44

Week two of half term is almost at an end and I have to say it has been a busy one. What with the clocks going back and sleep being disturbed, the girls and I have had plenty of fun, including some spooky Halloween antics, queue the photos for this weeks project 365.

Day 298

Enjoying a delicious chocolate treat from Hotel Chocolat mmmm.

Day 299

Hubby continued to make progress in Freya's bedroom.

Day 300

Impromptu movie night, the girls were introduced to the classic that is Jumanji.

Day 301

A surprise trip to the cinema saw four happy girls watching the new Hotel Transylvania film.

Day 302

Hallowen fun at my best friends house with my godchildren.

Day 303

All dressed up and ready to party.

Day 304

Another day another Halloween party to go to.



  1. Wow! I'm in awe of your Halloween make-up and costume skills! I love a Hotel Chocolat too. Yum :)

  2. Love seeing the little smile peeking out from behind that ghoulish make up! Looks like a fun week. You had TWO weeks?!

  3. Happy Halloween! I love the costumes....
    Ahh! Jumanji is a classic! I hope they liked it x

  4. I love the girls Halloween costumes and wow to beanbags at the cinema. How cool is that! :)

  5. Amazing costumes and makeup, they look beautiful.
    Love Jumanji but my kids found it scary, not sure of modern kids will as never watched with the grandchildren.
    Your house must be too warm with a half naked husband and your children in short sleeves.
    Gosh when did the cinema start doing beanbags? Mind it is years since I have been.


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