Saturday 17 October 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 42

Another week done and now my girls are officially on half term as their school puts the training days all into one week so they get 2 weeks off in October, whoop. I know introduce to you this weeks project 365 offering.

Day 284

Freya's drawers were completed, just another little improvement ticked off the list.

Day 285

Freya cam home with a piece of school work that made me chuckle.

Day 286

This time Gracie came home with something she wrote and it made my heart melt.

Day 287

Love the relationship these two have, thick as thieves.

Day 288

Another small home improvement to brighten up Gracie and Layla's bedroom.

Day 289

Not quite sure what the face was for but it did make me laugh.

Day 290

Daddy hazelden is putting his carpentry skills to good use and putting up a wall/making a built in wardrobe, Gracie is his new apprentice.



  1. Haha! It all comes out at school! :)

  2. Those letters are both rather adorable. I know a few schools that are having the next two weeks off too - great idea, although think I'd go for it the May/June one. Hope you all have a lovely break #365

  3. Very cute writing :) Looks like a busy week of home improvement. Enjoy your extra long half term!

  4. What a great idea putting all the teachers training days at the same time. We finish on Thursday as it's a training day on Friday.
    Those drawers are gorgeous! I would love them for my bedroom! That writing is just so cute x

  5. Love the things children write at school, my son had some amazing weekends flying off in his dad's helicopter and going to see car racing.
    My daughter may well need walls and built in wardrobes building as the kids get bigger, what a clever apprentice you have there.


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