Monday 19 October 2015

Read With Me 2015 #41

Hello you lovely lot. Welcome to this weeks Read With Me. My 3 eldest are on half term week so I'm hoping to get down to the library with them.

I've found especially with my eldest two that they much prefer to pick out their own books now rather than having their mum decide.

I think it is much like with what they eat and the clothes that they wear, they've developed their own distinct tastes and know just what genres they are into.

Their book choices are definitely leaning towards the "older" side. More writing and chapters, less pictures and rhyming words.

My eldest is desperate to start reading things like Twilight. She's just making her way through the Hunger Games trilogy.

I've suggested the Fallen series by Lauren Kate as a good one to read next.

Now onto your recommendations. My favourite post linked up last week came from All About a Mini Norris, she was reviewing The Dinosaur that Pooped The Bed, this is a fantastic series of books, highly recommended!

Onto this weeks link up. If you are new to Read With Me, take a look here at what it is all about. All my regulars get linking, commenting and hopefully displaying my badge.


Happy reading.

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  1. New header? I like it and the tag line. Please tell me it is new & that I wasn't just was blind & didn't notice it last time I was here.


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