Monday 19 October 2015

L.O.V.E Book Review

When I was asked if I would like to read an ARC of Kate Vine's latest book, L.O.V.E, the teaser of the blurb alone made it so I couldn't refuse.

Mia Stone doesn’t look for attachments, in fact, she doesn’t look for anything serious at all. Serious means losing something. She’s already lost enough and she doesn’t want to lose…again.
Living her life as free and simple as she can, she’s following her own rules.
But everything changes when the mysterious and sexy Dylan Heart comes crashing into her life. And just like that, he tears down the walls that she’s built up solidly for so long. Brick by brick he’s getting closer and closer to her heart, but he’s not the only one, and he’s aware of his competition. Jason, Mia’s friend, hopes for more even though he’s trying to just be a friend.
Will they break through? Will they be able to crush and break the walls of her stubborn heart?
Which ONE is going to break through?
Will they save her from her fear to commit or is the commitment going to end them all?

This novel is far from what I anticipated/expected. The prologue immediately grabs your attention making you unsure of what you're getting yourself into delving into this story.

As the blurb explains we are following two characters throughout this tale. 

We are first introduced to Mia Stone, this is a woman who has been through a lot, what that is we are unsure of but we do know that she's being ordered to see a therapist and her story slowly comes out. This is someone who has seen a lot of tragedy and for that reason she keeps people at arms lengths, she doesn't attach to anyone but that is a lonely life to lead.

Then we meet Dylan Heart. A fighter, he's someone who comes across as intense, a person who's built up a wall around him. Adopted from a young age, it comes to light all these years later that he has a half sister somewhere out there.

Thoughout the book you get the sense that Mia and Dylan were destined to meet but perhaps they had their timings all wrong.

Mia is feisty, playing hard to get. Dylan oozes sex appeal and knows exactly what he wants and won't stop until he gets it. Love never comes without its ups and downs and this couple experience plenty both in their own lives and in their journey together.

But audience be warned. This is not your typical romance. It is unconventional to say the least. And even though I guessed parts of the storyline there were definitely moments I didn't see coming. I was knocked sideways.

Sometimes things that appear wrong to others aren't, I think what Kate demonstrates is that life isn't black and white. We all have secrets, lies will no doubt be found out and even though the truth may hurt sometimes, it can ultimately set us free.

Don't go reading if you want a happy ending because you won't be finding one in L.O.V.E. What you will discover is passion, heartache and a story that will have you gasping, crying and ultimately leaving you feeling like the ending was what was needed even if it wasn't all hearts and flowers, it becomes a necessary outcome. I cannot recommend this story enough.



  1. I never get to read much any more. This sounds quite an interesting book.

  2. I would have expected a happy ending from reading the intro and looking at the cover. I hope to be able to read more again, one day. At the moment I just fall asleep lol ;-)

  3. I NEED to start reading again as it is something I love and I just don't get round to it anymore. This book sounds like it would be right up my street, it sounds quite intense!

    Gemma xx

  4. Sounds like an enjoyable book. I don't really read romantic fiction but this sounds like it has a lot more going for it.

  5. Sound like the type of chick lit I wpylr plough through! In fact this post has just reminded me that I want to find a book club!

  6. Looks like a good read. I think I need to get into reading again in my spare time!

    Commenting to you from #Love2Blog :)

  7. Looks good! I'm actually reading through authors A-Z at the moment and was still after an author beginning with V... This just might be it! Thanks for the tip!


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