Monday 12 October 2015

Read With Me #40

Hello you lovely lot. Welcome to this weeks Read With Me. I'm so pleased to see new people linking up each week as well as all you wonderful regulars.

read with me
Hubby has been put on permanent nights for the forseeable future which is actually a great thing for me.

This means that I get to read books every night without interruption.

Although this could be dangerous as I'm not sure how much sleep I am actually going to be getting every night!

So many linkers last week, which I am truely grateful for but it was hard to pick a favourite so I'm sharing two.

Firstly these Goldilocks activities from Let Them Be Small, such fun yet simple ideas.

And my second choice is All Past Midnight. Here review of Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer had me instantly adding it to my TBR list.

Onto the link up! Newcomers please look here at what Read With Me is all about. Regular linkers, get linking, commenting and either displaying my badge or linking back somehow if you would be so kind.


Happy reading.


  1. Hi Chantelle

    Really sorry my post doesn't have your badge on this week - my laptop is broken so I am logging from my phone whilst it is repaired and I cannot seem lift the badge code from your blog no matter how many times I try! Sorry about that. I will add it retrospectively once the laptop is back xx

    1. aaaa that's not a problem at all, just appreciate you linking up x

  2. I can't rememebr if I linked this book before - so if I did I apologise, but I do love it a lot! I have a new mission to tweet less and read more...let's see how well I do - I shall hopefully have more book reviews on the blog then!

  3. Curses, I had linked it before - oh well - now I cheated and linked twice :-))

  4. If my Hubby worked nights I think I'd use that time to do more blogging! It sounds like you love spending the time reading though, I bet you get through loads of books.

    1. I love reading, I find myself completely engrossed for hours lol

  5. Thankyou so much for hosting! I love this linky although my amazon wish list is getting dangerously long!

  6. All linked up. Thanks for hosting.


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