Tuesday 6 October 2015

Sickness Bugs, Bickering Children and the Tooth Fairy

So the colder weather has well and truely arrived. Hello Autumn, waves. Now I love this time of year, Halloween, Fireworks and definitely Christmas but the past couple of weeks have been how shall I say it, trying, yep that's the word I'm going to use.

With the cold has come the rain and this seems to go hand in hand with germs and don't the kids just love to share those, I always say that they share the best things.

We've already been subjected to snotty noses galore and the dreaded sickness bug, bleugh. Don't my children know by now I don't do sick!

Gracie was the first to be struck down with it, she got off lightly, 4 hours of sickness and she was back to her normal self asking for food, lucky her!

Layla was the next victim, a full weekend of not being able to keep anything down and mummy getting covered in vomit, yummy (can you hear the sarcasm, can you?).

Then I just had to get it didn't I. Hubby had to take a night off work because I literally couldn't move, every time I moved I was sick, I've been put off spaghetti bolognese for life let me tell you. Although there is a silver lining, I lost 3lb over night.

And of course all the germ sharing has led to being cooped up indoors, great for avoiding the never ending rain, not so brilliant for avoiding bickering children. If the arguing wasn't bad enough, my eldest two have developed some wonderful attitudes of late and the back chatting has increased ten fold.

If this is an insight to the teenage years then I'd then I'm hitting pause on them growing up anymore! I'm not loving all the pouts and eye rolling, my mum keeps telling me it's payback for my behaviour.

But it hasn't been all doom and gloom. Gracie lost her first tooth, it fell out whilst she was at school and she narrowly avoided swallowing the little bugger and even better the tooth fairy remembered to pay a visit (high five). Wobbly tooth number 2 has already appeared so I feel G will be asking Santa for her two front teeth come Christmas time.

Now I'm leaving the moaning behind me, helped very much by the glass of wine I'm gulping whilst I write this. How's everyone else been? Feel free to have a moan in the comments below if you wish.

In the meantime here's to puddle jumping, hat wearing and lots of cosy nights in front of the fire. Lets blow away those cobwebs (and bugs) and enjoy what the seasons have to offer whilst the kids carry on bickering in the background.



  1. Ugh to illness! Glad you are all moving on from it - and seeing the good in wobbly teeth!

  2. Hope you're all better now. Boo to illness!

  3. my mum always says the same that my kids are giving me back twice what I gave her , but I don't ever remember being as sarcastic .

  4. Oh no, what a nightmare you've had with all that illness - I hope that's it now and that you can enjoyed all those puddle jumping! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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