Thursday 12 November 2015

Bernard Matthews Lunchbox Challenge

The girls were recently set a challenge by the lovely people at Bernard Matthews. The task, they needed to suggest some fun ideas for food to pop into their school lunchboxes using the range of 100% British Bernard Matthews cooked meats.

Now this was a challenge that my daughters were eager to participate in. They have always been very independent and will quite happily pack their own lunches but it is normal mum who decides what they eat, I was just hoping they'd make some good choices.

This task coincides with Bernard Matthews having a fresh new makeover recently as you will see in the pictures.

Below are three recipes that the girls came up with, I helped to make these ideas a reality but I have to admit they were all pretty tasty.

Turkey Stuffing Wheels 


* Bernard Matthews Turkey Breast Slices
* Cranberry Sauce
* Stuffing
* Tortilla Wraps


* Cook the stuffing as per packets instructions.

* Spread cranberry sauce over the whole of the wrap.

* Place the turkey and stuffing evenly over the cranberry sauce.

* Roll up the wrap and then slice.

Fruity Chicken Pasta Salad


* Bernard Matthews Roast Chicken Breast Chunks
* Pasta
* Grapes (green or red will work)
* Celery
* Mayonaisse


* Cook the pasta as per packets instructions.

* Halve the grapes and slice up the celery.

* Put all of the ingredients into a large bowl, pour over the mayo and mix.

Going Crackers for Turkey


* Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey Ham
* Crackers
* Cheese Spread
* Cucumber


* Spread your crackers with cheese spread.

* Slice up your cucumber, we like nice thick slices!

* Place the wafer thin turkey ham and cucumber slices ontop of the cheese spread.

I think what you'll notice with all of these recipes is that they are quite simple. The Bernard Matthews meats are so versatile it makes them easy to use therefore appealing to both parents and kids. I was more than happy to eat the meals that my children conjured up.


Disclaimer : I was provided with vouchers to buy the Bernard Matthews meats used in the recipes

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  1. I love Bernard Matthews turkey slices! :) Great ideas there. x


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