Thursday 12 November 2015

How to Look Stylishly Chic While Expecting

I know when I was pregnant I felt very unstylish, as though nothing fitted, and all maternity clothes just appeared to be so frumpy. Celebrities these days will prove those sort of instincts wrong: you can be utterly fashion forward whilst pregnant. 

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Of course, you may be surprised to find maternity clothes, not in an expectant mum clothing shop, but in your own wardrobe, or in a “regular” clothing store as they don't always need to be specifically for maternity. Start with dresses – do you have any of the following?

  • Tent
  • Empire Waist
  • Swing
  • Stretchy knit

All of these non-pregnant styles can be worn for, at the very least, and for most women, for the initial two-thirds of the pregnancy.  Also look for:
  • Comfortable t-shirts and t-shirt dresses
  • Long, stretchy tunics
  • Open cardigans and shrugs (these are brilliant for this time of year)

Which Brings Us To…

Actual maternity clothes. You don't need to change from what you would normally wear, infact it is best to stick to your “regular” style – it’s what you know and it’s what you like. You can’t go from classic black dresses and pantsuits to Peter Pan-collared floral mini dresses. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t feel right. Being newly or even more established in pregnancy is moderately or more so in terms of awkwardness – vaguely for some, devastatingly so for others. If you feel compelled to completely change-up your style, you’ll have emotional and social discomfort to accompany any potential physical discomfort. 

Show off the Goodies
Being pregnant has its advantages – and that’s an enhanced bust line (I miss mine). Now is the time to bust out (we won’t pardon the pun) clothing you’ve been too shy or not daring enough to wear, including the necklines.
  • Sweetheart
  • Deep-V

Don’t Bury the Bump

Embrace your changing body and don’t be afraid to show off your bump in the latter months of your pregnancy – and you can do so by opting for tops and dresses which feature stretch material or Lycra. You don’t want to go full Kim Kardashian, but some showing off of your belly can be a sign of confidence. Some even find it sexy even although I was never brave enough to bare the bump!

Innovation is the Mother of Super Style

If you plan to stock your closet with roomy, flowy, dresses and tunics, you can transform it by adding a belt above your belly, turning that garment into a flattering empire waist dress or top. Make a t-shirt more fun with the addition of a belt.

Express Your Edge
Just because you’re pregnant, there’s never a reason to look dowdy. Break out a bold print mini, but instead of accessorising with high-heeled pumps or boots, try a stylish biker-inspired boot or some sweet ballet flats.
Maternity wear is available in all numbers of trendy fashions, including “skinny” jeans and leggings, layered t-shirts, and jackets.
Belly Balance

Let’s face it – it’s hard to draw eyes (at least initial eyes) away from your burgeoning or well-bloomed belly. But there are tricks of the trade. Dust off your jewellery box or wherever you’ve been keeping those statement necklaces you once bought on sale because it was too cool to pass up. Wear funky or large earrings and distracting necklaces, which will draw attention away from your bump and onto your neck and face. Accessorising is, additionally, a way to pull outfits together and create a complete ensemble. 

Very Versatile

In addition to the aforementioned skinnies and leggings, a more “traditional” pair of pregnancy jeans can provide you with a lot of options, and can be casual or dressed up for a lunch or meeting, simply by what you pair the jeans with. You can always find different styles of maternity clothes in Melbourne or in your local clothing store.

Satin, very bright colours and bold prints are often easy to remember (and identify with a pregnant woman) – and when you’re building a pregnancy wardrobe on a budget, you don’t want to blow your budget on a dress that will become your signature look, since it’s so distinctive (a satin top or dress is likely unflattering since the fabric is unforgiving, and any kind of distinctive print is just that – noticeable). 

This means, if you’re choosing clothing pieces that are likely to be in heavy rotation, choose solid colours that can be mixed and matched. 

Stylish Comfort

You might not want to invest in a classic Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress in your pregnancy size, but this cut of a dress is notably flattering on an expectant mum, the natural “V” of the wrap-dress enhances your d├ęcolletage, and the wrap tie is forgiving, while being comfortable (no buttons or zippers to fuss with). 

I think you will all agree that there is a lot more choice out there for the pregnant woman these days, whatever your signature style may be.

What were you most comfortable wearing when pregnant? Did you have a go to style?


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  1. I remember when I was pregnant with BP (more than 11 years ago) I felt awful. My clothes were frumpy, I didn't feel good, so I ate. I think I gained about 3 stones while pregnant! Great post. x


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