Wednesday 4 November 2015

Bratz Study Abroad Review

I was recently talking about how Bratz had made a smashing return to toy shelves, just in time for Christmas I might add. Well if that wasn't enough these feisty girls are now ready to travel the world and of course they do this in style. The new Study Abroad range sees the Bratz crew overseas and ready to learn more about the world.

Will you meet Pandas with Cloe in China? #Cloud9
Will you speak Spanish with Raya who’s in Mexico? #LaVidaLoca
Will you learn samba like Yasmin who’s visiting Brazil? #LifeIsBeautiful
Will you read literature with Jade who is travelling across Russia? #Epic
Will you show Sasha around when she has some free time on her trip to the UK? #BritainIsMyJam

The girls were kindly sent Raya to play with, the only problem we had was them all fighting over who was going to play with her first.

She comes complete with a change of clothes, accessories, a piƱata and of course luggage to pack away all of her belongings.

The luggage itself opens up for you to put items in and you are also provided with a set of stickers so you can personalise the case.

The girls also made use of the handbag provided to store away all of her accessories.

Raya is most definitely fashionable and there are small details like braids in her hair that add a brilliant finishing touch to her overall look.

Another detail that is welcome is the fact that she is wearing underwear, not overly important but it's something my girls have picked up on in the past when playing with other dolls, they've often asked why they aren't wearing knickers!

Like any other Bratz doll, Raya's arms and legs move making her semi posable, you can see her sitting down in the picture below.

There is also the signature move of the shoes/feet that come off, allowing for easier wardrobe change. I love this about the dolls because trying to fiddle with tiny clothing and even tinier doll body parts is always a thing I dread. The removable feet/shoes means that the girls can change the Bratz dolls independently.

The Study Abroad Bratz are a fantastic addition to their ever growing range. I like the use of different countries as it allows children to become interested in other parts of the world, giving an added element to an already fun toy. I know I keep mentioning the C word but I can see these being on a lot of Christmas lists this year!


Disclaimer : I was sent this toy FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. These look like great dolls....My girl has them on her Christmas list already :)

  2. Ah, Gemma would enjoy these - love the idea of introducing children to different countries. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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