Wednesday 4 November 2015

Gaining Independence With Osper

I mentioned a few weeks back about my struggle in knowing when to give a little when it comes to my older two children. The fact that I want to give them a little bit more independence but not quite knowing how. Well the lovely people at Osper stepped in to help with eldest daughter.

If you've not heard of Osper before let me explain a little. They are a mobile banking app for young people. Endorsed by celebrities like Davina McCall, Osper provide the tools to help your children become a bit more savvy when it comes to money handling.

Your child will be provided with a free debit card which is embossed with their name and can be used in all shops and ATMs where Mastercard is accepted.

The Osper app itself allows your child/ren to check on their balance, see where they've spent their money and gives them the opportunity to send a link for friends and family to add money to their account.


Parents can send money instantly to the account with no fuss, set up locks if they don't want their child spending online and you can even set up a weekly/monthly allowance. Brilliant if you give your kids pocket money, saves trying to get out the cash to give them.

Once the account is set up, you will be charged £1 a month, so £12 a year but you also get your first 3 months free so a brilliant way to try out the app and if it isn't for you can cancel at any time for no additional cost.

But why pay the money, how is Osper different than other typical high street banks? Well for starters most banks don't allow accounts until your xhild is 11+, Osper can be started when your child is 8 years old, then there's the app for kids and parents which most others don't provide and of course the app makes for easy set up and instant pin number rather than waiting for it to come through the post.

Elise was more than excited when she got her card. Setting it up took less than 2 minutes and she was good to go. Osper kindly gave her some money to spend. The trick was to spend it wisely.

Now like any typical child, she's had a growth spurt recently so she was in need of some new clothes and being brave I allowed her to pick out exactly what she wanted.

I was impressed as not only did she choose some lovely things, she also bought her sisters something new each too!

Paying was easy and she remembered her pin with no prompting for me. After paying she was left excited for the next time she'd be able to go using her card to pay for something, even offering to pay for my shopping next time, guess I best put some more money on her card ;)

Of course all that was left to do was have a mini fashion show at home to show off all of her purchases…

Take a look at the Osper site to find out more. From a parent point of view I was impressed. Safe and secure and a fantastic way to get kids thinking about money, saving and looking at exactly what they are going to spend their money on. And my daughters verdict, "literally love my Osper card".


Disclaimer : We were provided with £50 to spend on items in order to show how Osper works, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. Good idea. Love the items she bought x

  2. What a great idea! Olivia would love this. Definitely the way to go for pocket money. And great outfit she looks fab xx


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