Monday 21 December 2015

All I Want For Christmas Is Stuff

Christmas is nearly here, just 4 days to go! Now family and friends are all sorted, I had all of their present bought and wrapped by the start of December however there is one person who hasn't got anything, that's right me! Seems when you turn into an adult writing a letter to santa isn't deemed appropriate and all that stuff that I want goes unheard of.

I know there isn't a lot of time left to buy presents but I thought I'd just put my wishlist out there in the hopes that the husband someone my see it. Because of course my birthday is in January so it could always be a gift for my 29 + 1.

Lets start with the blog. I'd really like to get more organised in 2016 so the Bloggers Planner would really come in handy. As would a lightbox to help in improving my photographs.

bloggers planner

customisable lightbox

I want to make more improvements around the home, not anything big, simple touches like adding more yankee candles (slight addiction there) and canvases on the walls like the ones from The Day That. Continuing to make our house a home.

black cherry yankee candle
I'm determined to carry on with exercising and healthy eating in the new year, I'm in need of new headphones, something like these Philips SHQ4200 but I'm open to suggestions. An iTunes voucher would be handy to get more music to run to, loving The Weeknd right now and I'm really tempted to join up to the fabletics site to get myself some new workout clothes.

philips shq4200 headphones

Finally for my own personal pleasure I have a long list of books that I would like. This year I've purchased most of my books to read on my Kindle but I'd love to have the paperback copies. Authors like Tijan, Colleen Hoover and Krista Ritchie to name a few. I think we might need to purchase a bookcase too while we're at it. Oh and while we're on the book subject I'd rather like this book themed tshirt from zazzle. 

happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book

What items are you wanting/expecting for Christmas this year? 


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