Tuesday 22 December 2015

My Top 5 Hair and Beauty Essentials

Ok I am in no way a beauty expert. I'm lucky to get put of the door in the mornings looking half presentable since becoming a mum but I do have some hair and beauty products that help me to look in some way decent so I thought I'd share my top five with you today.

I've never been the best at doing my hair, despite being a hairdresser myself, I prefer to do things that require minimal effort. Just ask some of my friends, I am one of these people that rarely brushes or washes their hair as it just turns into a fluffy mess instead I rely on these two products….

1. Dry shampoo

My favourite is Batiste Volume XXL. A quick spritz and rub and my hair no longer looks greasy and flat. This is especially handy if I'm putting my hair and just want to keep my fringe down.

2. Fudge Urban Sea Salt

I have naturally wavy hair but it doesn't really hold unless I have some sort of product in it. I dislike mousse as it either leaves my hair stick or rock hard. This product however is amazing at giving you the "beach hair" look and can be sprayed on either dry or wet hair depending on the amount of time you have for doing your hair.

Make up is something I honestly don't have a clue about, I really should let someone advice me one day. But for now I stick with what I know and the same thing that I say about my hair applies to make up too, I like to keep it more natural looking, less is more in my opinion. I tend to focus on my eyes.

3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Over the years I've tried many mascaras, all claiming to make your eyelashes look fabulous but this is the one that won me over. Ok so the bright pink and green bottle may have caught my eye but it actually does make my lashes look fuller and longer (IMO).

4. Eyeliner

I go for a mixture of liquid and pen depending on the look I'm going for and my favourite makes have to be Rimmel and the cheap and cheerful Makeup Academy.

5. EOS lip balm

This is something I recommed to everyone. So many lovely flavours which not only smell amazing but they really do help dry, chapped lips to look and feel better. A worthwhile investment, especially this time of year. I bought mine from Naturisimo

What are your go to hair and beauty products?


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