Wednesday 30 December 2015

Imprify Canvas Review

imprifyAt the beginning of the year I was given the opportunity to try out a new photo app, Imprify. The Imprify app very cleverly allows you to use photos off of your phone to create some wonderful products. When it was first started only photobooks could be made but they have since expanded and now you can create all sorts from magnets, to prints to wall art. I chose to design some wall art.

Costing 24,90E, these canvases from Imprify are different to others because they are printed on high quality wood panels.

You can choose to have a classic square which is what I opted for or you can make various size collages.

The process is still easy and very quick. Simply picking the images you want and then resizing them to fit as you wish. I'd say it took less than 5 minutes from start to finish, including typing in shipping information and payment details.

I submitted my order on the 23rd November and got a shipping notice on the 26th November so the printing process was relatively fast. What took a little time was delivery, I finally received my order on the 4th December so it took around a week from when I received my dispatch email but I'd say that is a standard waiting time.

packaged imprify wall art

The wall art was packaged up well. Protected by layers of cardboard and polystyrene, there was minimal chance of it getting damaged in transit.

packaged imprify wall art

wall art imprify

What I was highly impressed with was the wall art itself. The wood panel used was sturdy, solid and smooth.The printing was clear, no distortion in the image even though it was one taken from a mobile, the sizing seemed to be just right. I thought the white edging around the picture was a nice touch. There is even a bracket on the back to make the panel ready for hanging, meaning no extra holes need to be drilled into it.

wall art

back of wall art

Really I have no complaints, I think the only improvement would be to see more sizings avaiable to choose from!

Now if you've been impressed I have a discount code to offer you.

F70E27 gets you 20% off and the code is valid until the 1st June 2016. You can download the app here.



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