Friday 11 December 2015

Scooter Tips and Tricks Guide

When I was a kid I'll admit I loved the idea of having bikes, scooters and roller skates. But in reality when my parents actually got around to buying them for me, I wasn't so enthusiastic about using them.

Half of that was to do with my low levels of confidence, I wasn't brave enough to just get on and do it, falling off over the handle bars of my bicycle really didn't help matters.

It was more embarassing that my younger brother could ride around on his scooter and perform simple tricks with ease whilst I continued to wobble along on my wheels, definitely not my forte.

Since having kids I think I've gained a certain amount of gusto, I'm happier to make a fool of myself, showing my children that it is ok to fall down, it is the getting back up that counts.

Halfords have created this guide below showing some brilliant tips and tricks, showcasing just how simple it can be when you know how, as well as helpful information on how to stay safe when using your scooter.

All of my girls have scooters now, (although they have all begun pestering for new ones) and they love showing me just what they can do on them, even the three year old has my coordination than me!

This guide seems to be a great starter point for young ones to increase their skills and confidence levels.

And it's handy for parents too, handy to know which type of scooter suits what age range, I honestly didn't know there were so many available, think I'm showing my age there! You can take a closer look at it here.

Have your children got scooters written on their letters to Santa? Do you have any more tips and tricks you'd care to share in the comments below?


This post is in collaboration with halfords

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