Thursday 28 January 2016

Getting Creative With Jucee


I'll admit my children probably think I'm quite a mean mum when it comes to drinks. I send them to school with bottles of water and they rarely have anything except water or milk when at home but if they are going on school trips or we decide to have a picnic etc then I like to opt from squashes and juices that are more naturally flavoured rather than topped up with lots of sugar.

jucee range

Jucee is one of the brands that I know and trust, with all of their range being 100% no added sugar they definitely appeal to me as a parent and of course the quirky characters that represent their range make my kids like them too, I have been known to have a carton or two of their apple juice in the past (who could say no to Archie Apple).


My girls were recently asked if they would like to get creative with Jucee, the idea, to recreate their favourite Jucee characters with some crafting materials and fruits sent which was kindly sent to us. Well anything to do with gluing and sticking has them interested, their only trouble was deciding which out of the 10 characters was their favourite.

jucee characters

Even my three year old tried her best to join in, although she was more keen on eating the fruit than decorating it. With stickers, glitter glue, googley eyes and pipe cleaners, their imaginations were certainly put to work. And of course I can't say that the peace and quiet that suddenly descended wasn't a nice bonus to the task. I was given the job of getting the sticky backs off of the eyes, not as easy as you'd think let me tell you!

I filmed a quick video which you can watch below with my girls telling you a little bit about their creations. They definitely favoured the glitter glues over all of the other materials, they gave the Jucee characters a new lease of life, maybe sparkly packaging could be seen in the future?

And here are a couple of close ups of the finished creations, I'd say they captured the characters quite well wouldn't you?

archie apple

peggy pineapple

From squashes to small bottles and cartons of juice, Jucee and it's large array of flavours come in handy for a number of occasions. Although my girls have some suggestions of future flavours : Gary Grape, Bethy Banana, Bobby Blueberry and Wendy Watermelon…. What Jucee character would you create?


  1. It looks like you had great fun! My girls love Jucee drinks and I feel happy letting them have them x

  2. I'm always on the look out for cartoons of juices to add to lunchboxes and to add to snacks, and something like this which is 100% juice with no added sugar looks really good.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. aww what a great idea to include the kids! looks like you all had great fun! suz x

  4. Haha, I love the apple with the big eyes!

  5. The apple is my fav!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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